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A snapshot of 1974

At Warwick in this year:

  • The Students’ Union building was opened. Prior to this, a large inflatable building had been used for student events.
  • The first phase of Warwick Arts Centre was finished.
  • The Health Centre on campus was opened.

Exuberant colour and movement are typical of Williams' work, as are abstracted forms which in this case refer to imagery connected with the culture of the Carib tribes in his native country of Guyana. Williams said: "The word 'abstract' explains itself. ‘Abstract' means 'to take out of'. Therefore, abstraction has a basis. I see abstraction in everything, a waterfall, a flash of lightning - they seem somehow free form. Art that is ritualistic, mystical, is profound... Art with no mystery is nothing. It's just decorative."

And in the world:

  • U.S. President Nixon delivered his resignation speech, and became the first US President to resign.



su etc

The SU, banks and Whitefields residences, taken in 1974


Aubrey Williams | Carib Guyana Timerhi | 1974 | Oil on canvas | 1220 x 1525