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A snapshot of 1992

In this year at Warwick:

  • The Vice Chancellor Dr. Brundin resigned. Professor Whittenbury was appointed acting VC until April 1993.
  • Michael Hesseltine opened the Engineering Management Building in September.
  • Sovereign Court was built, it was the newest addition to the Science Park.
  • The Coull Quartet celebrated its 21st anniversary.
  • A ‘topping out’ ceremony was held on the roof of the Library extension where the archives of BP and the Modern Records Centre were to be housed. The commemorative trowel for this event can be found in the
    University Archive collection!

The Computer Science department presented the University with this work which complements a series of Tessa Beaver's works already in the collection. It was produced to commemorate the death of Professor David Park who was a former Chairman of the department.

Within this woodcut there are concentric circles, maze-like formations, swirling patterns and circular spirals which spread across the whole canvas. There is a sense of movement flowing and being interrupted.

Look at the title and the symbols used in this woodcut which sometimes appear ancient or derived from Celtic design. How would you describe the mood of this work?

And in the world:

  • CDs outsold cassette tapes for the first time.
  • Euro Disney opens in France.
  • Bill Clinton becomes U.S. president.

  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate.


In Memoriam:David | Tessa Beaver