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A snapshot of 2001

In this year at Warwick:

  • Professor David VandeLinde succeeded Sir Brian Follet as Vice-Chancellor.
  • The new Computer Science building was formally opened by IBM’s Senior Vice-President (Technology and Manufacturing) Nicholas M. Donofrio, he also delivered a lecture on “Technology Innovation and the New Economy”.

  • Sing-a-long-a-Sound of Music played at Warwick Arts Centre.

  • Warwick was awarded £2.5 million from the Wolfson Foundation to support biomedical research at the University.

  • CommUnicate announced that Estelle Morris, who studied at the Coventry College of Education (which became Warwick’s Institute of Education) and whose degree was validated by the University, had been appointed the Secretary of State for Education and Skills.

  • Thrust SSC – the British car which broke both the sound barrier and the world land speed records on 15th October 1997 visited Warwick. According to CommUnicate, it had been ‘designed using CAD software created by PTC – a company closely associated with the Warwick Manufacturing Group.’

  • Radcliffe House celebrated its 15th Birthday. It presented five of its staff, who had all worked there since it began, with long-service awards.

Among her photographic work on 'psychological space' Catherine Yass has made several studies of cinema interiors which she always photographs empty to evoke 'an impression of anticipated action'.

A key feature of Yass' work is the heightened colour with which she invests her subjects. This is achieved through a technique in which she photographs the image twice, the first shot is a normal transparency while the second is processed as a negative. The two are sandwiched together and mounted in a light-box to create a vivid but distorted version of the original which dramatises its essential characteristics.

And in the world:

  • Wikipedia was launched.
  • American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were flown into the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers in New York, American Airlines Flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon in Washington and United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into grassland in Pennsylvania.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after 11 years repairs to stop it falling over.

  • The Eden Project in Cornwall, England Opened (the world's largest greenhouse) trying to help save the worlds largest collection of plants.


Cinema: Regal | Catherine Yass