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A snapshot of 2006

In this year at Warwick:

  • Warwick became involved with the Birmingham Science City initiative, which aims to pull together world-class science and technology within the city and its region.
  • Professor Nigel Thrift succeeded Professor VandeLinde as Vice-Chancellor.
  • Oxfam opened a store on campus. The shop sold CDs, books, DVDs and clothing.
  • The refurbished Senate House reopened under the new name Coventry House. It housed the NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement, the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC) Doctoral Training Centre, the Systems Biology Centre and the Islamic Prayer Hall.
  • The Department of History announces that it has been piloting an MA in History delivered almost entirely online.

The University commissioned this portrait to mark the Vice Chancellorship of Professor David VandeLinde from 2001- 2006.

Unlike other portraits in the University Collection, this work combines oil with an image produced by inkjet. Professor VandeLinde has been painted in front of the view from the Vice-Chancellor’s office window.

And in the world:

  • Saddam Hussein is charged on May 15th and following the trial is found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging.
  • North Korea declares it has carried out its first test of a nuclear weapon, becoming the worlds 9th Nuclear Power.
  • Pluto is downgraded from a Planet to a dwarf planet by The International Astronomical Union ( IAU ).
  • The one billionth song is purchased from Apple iTunes.


Portrait of Professor David VandeLinde | John Keane