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A snapshot of 2011

In this year at Warwick:

  • The newly refurbished Modern Records Centre opened.
  • Bluebell Halls of residences opened in September of this year.
  • The University agreed a major investment into the International Gateway for Gifted and Talented Youth (IGGY) in order to refresh the brand.

  • The new homepage for insite was launched.

  • The Energy Awareness Campaign – ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ - took place on campus so that people thought about energy consumption and the effect they were having on the environment.

  • Warwick replaced five diesel vehicles with electric vans, supplied by Smith Electric Vehicles, using funds from the Department of Transport’s Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme.

  • Five new suites of teleconferencing technology were installed on campus (The Cisco Telepresence Suites).

  • The University of Warwick Publications Service was introduced to complement the Warwick Research Archive Portal. It continued an earlier practice of listing researchers’ publications which had been produced over the course of an academic year in the University’s annual reports, but allowed the list to be stored and searched electronically.

This sculpture is one of three gifted to the University by the artist. The three works were exhibited in Atsuo Okamoto's first London exhibition in 2011 at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The starting point for each of these works was the drilling of holes into the boulder. This drilling is very precise and carefully calculated in order that each of the separate drill holes meet in the centre of the stone. The carving then continues around selected holes, producing pipe-like shapes. These can be quite organic, as in this work, or more geometric as in the case of Forest 2011-2 Planet. Sound is often an integral part of the Artist's work as demonstrated in two of the three pieces. Atsuo believes that stones hold memories and the sound played within the stone (produced and recorded by the artist) is an attempt to give voice to these memories.

And in the world:

  • Osama Bin Laden was found and killed by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • A bomb blast hit the city of Oslo and killed at least eight people, soon after Anders Behring Breivik attacked an island youth camp killing another sixty-eight people.
  • Rioting across parts of London started as people protested against the shooting of a man by the police. Rioters set fire to shops, looted neighborhoods and attacked people.
  • The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William took place.
  • The singer Amy Winehouse died.


Forest 2011: 3 Planet | Atsuo Okamoto