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Arts and Crafts at the Staff Summer Festival

Pipecleaners, glitter, paint, lightbulbs...

Take a look at what we got up to at the Staff Summer Festival.

Congratulations to the winner of our Pipecleaner Challenge, Daniel Diez.
Daniel created an elephant using just six pipecleaners and a piece of tin foil.
He wins a pair of tickets to Life is Best When You Improvise at the Festival of the Imagination.


Two Bulbs Bunny Bug
The Silver Fly Sparkly Elephant Sheep Spider
Racing Car Racing Car A Self Portrait Artwork
Lightbulbs Mrs Bun Maisa Lollies
 Lightbulb  Lion  Lightbulb  Life of a Butterfly
 Ladybird  joey_pedro.jpg  High Speed Racer  Lightbulb
 Giraffe  Dinosaur  Frog on a Pond  Lightbulb
 Lightbulb  Lightbulb  Dragonfly  Diddle Zazzle
 Elephant  Our Collective Imagination  Arts and Crafts  Bee
 Alien Superhero  Butterfly on a Flower  Macho Man  Some of the FoI Team