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Life Beyond Planet Earth: Surviving away From the Land

This talk is aimed at families and is suitable for children 7+

Date: Sat 17th Oct
Time: 1.30pm-2.30pm
Format: Talk
Location: Woods-Scawen, Warwick Arts Centre
Price: Free
What if we changed the planet so much, we couldn’t live on the land? Where would we go? Could we live under water, in the sky or even on the moon? Let’s work together to see how we’d cope in such dramatic circumstances. We’ll work out how to make food, how to make energy and decide if we’ll really need gravity.

Session leaders

Kevin Moffatt and Leanne Williams, from the School of Life Sciences at Warwick.

Kevin Moffatt

kevin_moffatt.pngKevin arrived at Warwick from deepest brightest Australia in 1990, and has never been able to leave. With a first degree in Physiology and a PhD in Genetics he has been an active academic in a variety of areas from the effects of UV and DNA repair in bacteria to studying behavioural genetics in his beloved organism the fruit-fly.

After developing a number of genetic tools for neuroscience research in the fly in the 1990s, he has in the last few years used these to model human neurological diseases in Drosophila, such as Alzheimer’s, Dystonia and the effects of drugs like ethanol. Currently he is a Principal Teaching Fellow and Director of Outreach in the School of Life Sciences at Warwick. Kevin has given many international and national presentations on both his research and more generally on biology to public audiences and schools.