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Taster Classes


As part of the Festival we are running FREE taster classes on Saturday 17th October. You'll have the opportunity to try your hand at something new with one of our experienced teachers.

Language Classes

Are you thinking of studying a new language but not sure if you want to commit to long term learning? Or do you simply want to learn a few key phrases? Then join one of our language taster classes for an introduction. The classes are aimed at complete beginners and provide a great opportunity to get a snap shot of just how much fun learning new language can be.


Centre for Lifelong Learning Classes

What if just half an hour with one of our experienced and friendly tutors could inspire a new world of opportunity? From returning to study after many years to developing new skills, expanding your career to discovering new interests, we have a course for you.

We have been a centre of expertise in the education of lifelong learners for more than 30 years. We enable adult learners to achieve their personal and professional goals by accessing a Warwick education, irrespective of background. Try one of our taster classes to take your first step to a new journey of self-discovery and self-confidence.

Lifelong Learning Taster: Imagining Educational Futures


This session explores utopian and dystopian educational visions, drawing on recent work by Warwick undergraduate students on an interdisciplinary module: ‘Reinventing Education’. After engaging with a range of radical education literature, students were asked to develop original educational visions. In this session, these ideas will help us to critique current educational principles and practices – from pre-school right through to higher education.
Social Sciences Taster: The Future of Welfare



Imagine the welfare state in 50 years’ time. How will it have changed? Will its founding aims still be relevant? How will society’s use of the system have developed?

Look back half a century to discover what welfare was like in 1965 before considering welfare today and exploring ideas of how it will look 50 years from now.

Philosophy Taster: Across the Lifespan - Philosophical Insights into Lifelong Learning



Lifelong learning has become increasingly popular the world over. More people are writing about it, and more people are undertaking courses as mature students and recognising the importance of continuing to study. Whilst its role and characterisation have changed over time, the value of lifelong learning was acknowledged as long ago as the ancient Greeks - Plato and Aristotle noted how philosophers’ learning took place throughout their lifetime.

Viewing lifelong learning through a philosophical lens, we will investigate how the practices associated with learning throughout life have been understood, and how lifelong learning might develop in the coming years.

Mindfulness Taster: From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Living: Imagining a Mindful Future



Mindfulness cultivates in us the ability to free ourselves from our habitual responses in order to think, feel and act with a new sense of clarity and purpose in both everyday and major moments of life. It is fast becoming a mainstream approach for improved health, well-being and performance. This session will introduce and explore mindfulness with added opportunities to experience mindfulness techniques and practices.


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