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Meet the Musicians

In order of appearance:

The Doc Emmett Brown Trio (on stage at 1pm)
What better way to kick off the live music at our staff summer festival than with a selection of foot-tappers and ear worms from this century and last? That's what the Doc Emmett Brown Trio can offer! Made up of three highly versatile and skilled musicians from the West Midlands - Ben Haines on percussion, Jools Street on violin and former Warwick member of staff, Wes Finch, on guitar and vocals - the talented threepiece promise Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Americana, Jazz, and Bluegrass from way back when and up to the present day. Find out more at
Amapola Tango Trio (on stage at 2pm)
Amapola’s tunes re-discover the warmth and the joy of Latin American rhythms and instruments to bring a completely different kind of musical experience to the UK. Make sure you catch the trio for a mixture of traditional and modern tangos - dancing along positively encouraged!

Sam Boulby (on stage at 2.40pm)
I’m going to attempt to play Chopin’s Ballade in G Minor for you (I’m only promising an attempt), then I’ll accompany my friend Nicky Ginns for her performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I also write my own music though – if you’re interested in that, it’s all on the internet: 


Rachel Jones (on stage at 3pm)
I've always loved to sing and have been songwriting since the age of 15. My friends know me for my singing in the lab as I work at Warwick Medical School. Over the years, I've been influenced by the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Newton Faulkner, Ben Howard, a plethora of contemporary US country artists, and life.


Nicky Ginns (on stage at 3.30pm)

I caught the performing bug at four years old and it’s never left me. When I’m not writing Warwick’s prospectuses, I can generally be found rehearsing or performing at Solihull Arts Complex with one musical theatre group or another. It’s great to have the opportunity to share my love of musicals with people who don’t usually see the ‘jazz-hands’ side of my character, but I’ll admit I’m nervous about performing as ‘me’. Give me blinding stage lights, a character and costumes to hide behind any day!

I’m excited to be reunited with my friends and fellow witches Amy Price and Anya Small, to sing one of the numbers we performed earlier this year in The Witches of Eastwick with Solihull Theatre Company. I’ll also be doing a couple of modern West End/Broadway tunes, and will join forces with my friend and colleague Sam Boulby for a new take on a musical theatre classic.


Dark Side of the Koan (on stage at 4.10pm)
Dark Side of the Koan is the ultimate Warwick staff band, formed exclusively for our staff summer festival. Why? They've simplified their setlist by learning five classic songs from the University's 50 years of existence and the band itself is a collaboration from across five departments - with Leighton Joskey (HR) on drums, Ian Tuersley (WMG) and Andrew Higgins (Academic Office) on guitars, Dave Musson (University Marketing) on bass and Vivien Nichols (Medical School) on vocals. On top of that, they promise to deliver a fun-filled set that promises to Keep Campus Grooving! This is their first ever live performance and will also be their last - miss them and you'll definitely miss out! We’ve also heard the band muttering something about 50 years of fancy dress. What could they mean by this? You’ll have to catch their set to find out.


Warwick Warblers (on stage at 5pm)
Thought the best workplace choirs were all on the telly? Think again! We've pulled together a group of singers from across campus to form a brand new choir especially for our staff festival! Marshalled by Warwick alumna Sam Plumbley, expect marvellous melodies, happy harmonies and a general feel-good fifteen minute set!



Two Little Dux (on stage at 5.25pm)
What do you get when you put two guitar-playing marketers together? Two Little Dux! Chrissie Duxson and Dave Musson from University Marketing are joining forces musically for the first time at our Staff Festival for a set of acoustic rock covers. They promise to play some songs that you'll know and possibly introduce you to some that you didn't - are they just quackers or will they prove a great addition to the bill? Catch their set to find out!

 Dave and Chrissie

We Made This (on stage at 6.15pm)
Our headliners We Made This are a Kenilworth and Leamington based band that have been playing around the area since 2004. They are; Ross (vocals and rhythm guitar), Don (lead guitar and vocals), Mark (bass and vocals) and Leighton (drums and definitely no vocals).

They play guitar-based indie pop with the odd cover thrown in here and there. If you liked guitar bands back in the early 90’s then you’ll probably feel right at home with We Made This! They’ve played to one man and his (big) dog in an empty pub through to a couple of stints at the Leamington Peace festival. And they are not at all bitter that their World Cup song never made it big in 2010. Leighton and Ross are alumni of Warwick (graduating in 1994 and 2002 respectively). Leighton also works in our HR department.