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Warwick Graduates' 50th Anniversary Scholarship

In 2015, there will be an additional scholarship offered thanks to the combined generosity of the Warwick Graduates Association (WGA). The WGA was founded in 1987 as a friend and fundraising group, allocating funds to various projects at the University, and introducing a new endowed scholarship. It was awarded for the first time in 2009, and there are now funds for a new 50th Anniversary Scholarship to be awarded to an exceptional scholar in 2015. The application process for the Warwick Graduates’ 50th Anniversary scholarship will be the same as the Benefactors’ scholarships.

The Warwick Graduates’ Association (WGA) was founded in 1987, initially as a friend raising organisation. Later, when a membership subscription was introduced, the Association was in the position of being able to allocate funds to various projects in connection with the University and the student body. A Trust Fund was established in 1991 and in 1996 the WGA recommended working towards the future introduction of WGA Scholarships. The first WGA scholarships were awarded in 2000, and by 2008 the total number of scholarships awarded was 170. Funding for a full WGA Endowed Scholarship came from a transfer from WGA operating funds to the Trust Fund – this scholarship was implemented and awarded for the first time in 2009. Funds are now available for Warwick Graduates’ 50th Anniversary Scholarship to be awarded to an undergraduate commencing studies in 2015.

Should you have any queries about the Benefactors' Scholarship Programme please contact

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