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WGA News

Joan Cole retires

For many alumni, the name Joan Cole will be synonymous with Warwick Graduates’ Association for it was Joan’s drive, enthusiasm, tenacity and wholehearted belief in Warwick as an institution that led to WGA’s inception and growth.

Coincidentally, the Warwick Graduates’ Association celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. In the early ’90s, Joan Cole pioneered the fundraising efforts for the University which have led to the Development and Alumni Relations team of today. Early in the history of WGA, as student funding was radically reduced, Joan realised that there would be substantial need for scholarships and bursaries at Warwick if the University were to maintain its mission to educate the very brightest students regardless of their background.

Her passion and drive has endeared her to hundreds of alumni over the years. A serious Warwick message from Joan was always delivered with her infectious enthusiasm and good nature.

Apart from her many professional skills, it is no coincidence that her colleagues in DARO already say how much they miss Joan’s laughter. For amidst the leadership, wise counsel and ‘can do’ attitude, Joan’s sense of humour has enabled those working with her to go many an extra mile for Warwick.

Thank you Joan for all you have done for Warwick! Enjoy your retirement – you’ve earnt it!

An Alumni Relations Programme for the Warwick Mathematics Institute

Did you know that since its inception in the 1960s the Warwick Mathematics Institute has graduated nearly 7,500 alumni and continues to offer one of the largest, most successful, and most flexible undergraduate and graduate mathematics degree programmes in the world?

In an exciting new development the alumni relations office have developed a tailored programme of communications and events especially for graduates of the Institute. Check out the new maths alumni website at where you will find an audio introduction to the site from Professor Ian Stewart, monthly mathematical puzzles and an opportunity to catch up with news of old friends. Warwick’s mathematics alumni are having a huge influence on their local, national, and international communities, all the time. So each month, the website will feature an alumna or alumnus who is doing interesting and exciting things, and using their education to make an impact on their communities. 2007 will see the launch of an Annual Alumni Lecture. Watch out for further details of this year’s lecture which will be delivered by Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman at the Royal Society in London.

If you would like further details on the alumni relations programme for the Warwick Mathematics Institute don’t hesitate to contact Rachel Hammel, Assistant Alumni Relations Officer at

Warwick all over the World!

The University of Warwick believes in creating a global community of Warwick supporters – and alumni are integral to this plan. Therefore, we have been busy establishing WGA representatives worldwide, in addition to the International Office representatives already established. The following countries have points of contact and event-organisers: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Ghana, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Kazahkstan, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States (several states), Zimbabwe. In total, we have 72 WGA alumni representatives in 24 countries and 52 cities… and we are continually contacting alumni to find more representatives! Recent events organised by representatives were an alumni dinner in Ankara, Turkey in October; a career seminar in Taiwan in October; cocktails in Washington, D.C. in November; a pub night in Madrid in December; a pub night in Ottawa, Canada in January… and many more all over the world!

You can access contact information on the WGA website Keep checking the website periodically for upcoming events!

Be part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations of the Warwick in Venice Programme in 2007!

A series of events will take place in 2007 in Venice and in the UK to celebrate the anniversary of this innovative and unique programme. Please check regularly as events will be added throughout the year.