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DARO - What We Do

Our work is best summed up by the terms friend-raising and fundraising - both for the benefit of the University in general as well as for its students, alumni and staff.

To help further the development and growth of Warwick, DARO seeks philanthropic contributions from both alumni and friends of the University. All these donations are administered via the University of Warwick, which has exempt charitable status.

In addition, DARO helps to maintain strong and lasting relations with its alumni following graduation through regular communications and events via the Warwick Graduates’ Association.

We are also in contact with the many friends of the University who, although did not study here, have established a significant connection with the institution. This link might exist due to these individuals being members of the local community, parents of current students, corporate contacts or Arts Centre patrons.

Through its activities, DARO provides financial support for specific parts of the institution as well as raising unrestricted funds which can be directed towards the areas of greatest need within the University.