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Fereshteh Samsami - alumni ambassador in California

California alums

Our international alumni ambassadors are at the heart of our global network.

Throughout February we are asking some of our ambassadors how they got involved and what they get out of it.

Fereshteh Samsami (MPhys Mathematics and Physics 2001-05) is alumni ambassador for the lively Warwick community in northern California. Here she explains how she became involved:

"Every year we host three events in the San Francisco Bay area. These are usually dinner events at the weekend either in San Francisco or the South Bay (Silicon Valley). Partners and children are always welcome, and everyone has a lot of fun meeting other Warwick graduates who were at the University at different times. The alumni in the Bay area come from many different backgrounds and are successful in a wide range of careers, although being in Silicon Valley there are quite a few working at tech companies. I see new faces at each event, at the last event in Mountain View an alumnus attended who had just moved to the Bay area a few days beforehand. We have also had a couple of current distance learning MBA students at our events.

I was a home student at Warwick but was very involved with the international student community. I volunteered at the International Student Orientation Week, lived with Erasmus students from Germany and Spain and was president of LIPSOC (Linguistic Improvement and Practice Society). After graduating in 2005 with an MPhys Mathematics and Physics I moved to Germany to work as an English Language Assistant in a high school for five months. I then moved to the US and started a job as a management consultant at Accenture in San Francisco. At that time we did not have a Warwick ambassador in the Bay area, but the alumni association put me in contact with alumni here and I really enjoyed meeting alumni for lunch and talking to them about their experiences after Warwick. It was really helpful having such a nice welcome as I had just moved to the Bay area and did not know anyone. When the opportunity came up to be an ambassador for the university here and organize events, I of course volunteered immediately!

I have been working at Accenture in San Francisco for almost four years now. My work is 100% travel during the week but I normally return home at the weekends and usually organize events on Saturday evenings. I have also set up a LinkedIn group for Warwick alumni in the Bay area. So if you are moving to the Bay area or already are here and not in touch with us – do get in touch and we look forward to welcoming you to our next event.

Contact Feresteh if you want to attend or suggest an event in northern California or want to make contact with the alumni community there.