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Classnotes - 2000s

Ratnakar Adhikari
PhD Politics and International Studies 2008-11

Ratnakar has been appointed as Executive Director of Enhanced Integrated Framework - a six-agency initiative administratively housed in the World Trade Organization , Geneva to build trade capacity of the world's 49 poorest countries called least developed countries.

Rahul Aggarwal
Rahul Aggarwal
MA Globalisation and Development 2003-04

Rahul started a travel business with a friend - Travel The Unknown - specialising in off-the-beaten-track travel to some of the world's most remote and lesser-explored places.

Destinations include North East India, Colombia, Mexico, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Serbia and Eastern Turkey. Emphasis is on unique experiences, staying with families, in eco-lodges, trekking, safaris and much more. It is a 100% carbon-neutral company with carbon emissions set off through Climate Care.


Junaid Ahmed
MSc Management Science & Operational Research 2003-04 and MBA 2006-07

Has launched a start-up business in Dubai. Duplays is a sports management and consulting company and facility developers which has recently acquired exclusive rights to distribute, market, and build Yeadon Fabric Domes for all of the Middle East.

It is also the primary sponsor and organiser of sports leagues and sports events across Dubai and has obtained government backing to promote this to all university students in Dubai.

Mahmoud Alali
MA Educational Leadership and Innovation 2008-09

Since graduation Mahmoud has been working as a specialist inspector of English language for the directorate of Education,Raqqa, Syria. When the crisis started, he found himself inclined to a different field of work that made him feel happy to help the vulnerable people. He is currently working for Concern World Wide as a program manager inside Syria. Nothing happier that making people feel relieved.

Mohd Ali
Siti Birkha Mohd Ali
MSc Engineering Business Management 2002-03

After graduation, Siti Birkha Mohd Ali returned back to Malaysia and continued her role as electrical engineer in Thermadyne (formerly known as Cigweld). This is one of the US-based companies leading in manufacturing welding equipment and other related products. She worked with this company for more that 10 years and was appointed engineering manager in 2007. Trust from upper management and knowledge gained at Warwick has definitely helped her in this challenging role. She had been working with people from all walks of life, dealing with various business issues, developing new processes and improvement during her time with this company.

Upon leaving Thermadyne, she joined one of the private local universities in Malaysia as a Senior Lecturer. She is now part of the Engineering Faculty and responsible for teaching 2-3 interesting subjects As she's new in the teaching field, she needs to carry out a lot of reading and industrial visit. She thanks her parents, colleagues and Warwick for supporting her through out her learning life.


Mark Allington
MBA 2000-04

Has joined ICF International as Vice President and Managing Director for European operations. Mark has 20 years of experience in designing and managing complex environmental programmes with particular emphasis on energy and climate change.

He has worked extensively in Russia and Western Europe, and has secured and managed numerous contracts with European Union government agencies.

Juraj Antal
MA International Political Economy 2008-09
Juraj is the Chairman of the biggest political youth organisation in Europe which comprises 42 member organisations from 35 countries and 1.6 million students. He has been in office since July 2011 and will step down in July 2013.
 Steffan Aquarone
Steffan Aquarone
BA Politics and International Studies 2003-06

Before graduating with a BA (Hons) in 2006 Steff was already a founding director of a Top 50 digital film agency. As Managing Director he developed content for Land Rover, Vodafone, Massey Ferguson and American Express as well as leading the business through its first five years, managing up to eighteen full-time staff. Steff is now a digital entrepreneur working with early start-ups (from rice milling machines to software-as-a-service products) as well as global brands like Tesco and RBS, helping them develop elements of their digital strategy. He leads online video courses for Econsultancy and writes regularly on the future of video on the web.

Christian Ayiku
MBA 2007-12

Christian joined Barclays (Ghana) as head of strategy, sales performance and management information in March 2008, before becoming a Finance Manager with BARO in June 2012, he brings along a strong track record in the areas of strategy, performance management, and cost and management accounting.

Jafar Babayev
LLM International Business Law 2005 - 06

Jafar has started a new page in his personal and professional life. Firstly, he is enjoying time spent with his two marvellous kids which is a fantastic feeling. Secondly, he has just started a new business. He owns a leasing company. It is very special for Azerbaijan as it offers leasing projects in accordance with principles of Shariah.

Andrew Bernard
Andrew Bernard
BSc Management 2007-10

After graduating in 2010 Andrew took a short break to tour Europe. In September he started his graduate scheme at HSBC. He chose the Technology and Services scheme which has allowed him to tackle roles such as project management and process management as well as spend some time in the branch network and several support roles. He recently spent a week in Oxfordshire learning about Climate Change and has since been tasked with driving his department's commitment to sustainability. He has been back to Warwick several times both to see friends and to attend campus career events.

Mircea (Mike) Bostan
MA International Political Economy 2009-2010

Mike is now working with EU funds, implementing a EU-funded programme, 5 million EURO worth.


Anna Brewer (née Wormleighton)
BA English & Theatre Studies 2004-07
Married Bill Brewer on 25 July 2009 at St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden. Anna now works at A&C Black Publishers. Bill is a Professor of Philosophy at Warwick, having joined at the same time as Anna, and they met in the University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra.
Abigail Bridgen
BA Sociology 2005-08
Has been having a great time doing summer and ski seasons with Richmond holidays. She has also undertaken a CELTA course and taught English in China.
Matthew Broome
Matthew Broome
MPhys 2004-08

After graduating Matthew moved to Australia to pursue a PhD in quantum computing at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

He established a research programme focused on the physics of multi-photon (particles of light) interference and their uses as information processors in a quantum computer. His work has appeared in top ranked scientific journals such as Science, Nature Communications and Physical Review Letters.

Along with his PhD studies he developed an scientific outreach programme called 'Outreach in the Outback'. The programme was designed to take science into the heart of Australia, where in many places children are not exposed to much science. Carrying a suitcase of scientific goodies, he travelled to outback schools and community centres to enlighten as many people as he could. The programme continues today under the supervision of remaining students at the University of Queensland.

Laura Butler
BSc Biological Sciences 2002-06

In 2011 Laura completed a PhD at Kings College London and then went on to spend a year travelling in Asia and South America. Now she is employed at University of Philadelphia as a cancer researcher.

Peter Bysouth
PhD History 2002-09

Peter recently had his first book published: Hertfordshire's Icknield Way, 19th Century Migration Frontier and Marriage Obstacle (EAH Press, Cambridge, 2010).


Tom Callow
BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics 2004-07
Recently got down to the final four in the Energy Saving Trust's competition to find the 'Green Voice of the UK'. The winner would represent the UK public on 'going green' and living lower carbon lifestyles. Although he didn't win, it was a great experience for Tom and he will continue to do what he can in this area.


Gita Chakravarty
BA English & German Literature 2004 – 08
Won the College of Law in Guildford’s 2009 mooting competition – involving challenging legal argument after battling it out in four rounds. Since graduating from Warwick in 2008, Gita has been studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law at the Guildford college.


Geraine Chan
LLB Law 2005-08
Since graduating and finishing the Legal Practice Course with BPP Law School, London (Holborn), Geraine has been seeking a training contract with a commercial law firm. At the same time, she is working as an intern in CRCC Asia, a consulting firm that specialises in generating business opportunities between China and the global community.
Pravin Chaudhari
MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2000-01

Pravin is working in India (Pune).

Suttinee Chuanchaisit
MA English Language Studies and Methods 2003-04

Since taking a PhD in Language Assessment and Evaluation at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Suttinee has been working as a university lecturer and head of the Department of Business English.

daniel chen
Daniel Chen
MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2009-10

Daniel is working for Flextronics Manufacturing (Hong Kong), a US-base NASDAQ listed company, as Director of Product Engineering in professional area of metals.

Jeff Chen
Qinye Chen (Jeff)
MSc Management 2007-08
Jeff was recruited as a management trainee with HSBC China (Bank) Company limited in 2009. After an 18-month intensive rotation/secondment in Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong, he relocated to the HSBC Beijing branch as AVP Premier Relationship Manager. He is currently undertaking CFA level 2 and FRM part 1 as a preparation for career development in finance industry. His interests are financial analysis and risk management.
Ioannis Chatzopoulos
MA Sport, Politics and Society 2001-02

After graduating from Warwick, Ioannis started working as a journalist for the journals New Politics and New Sociology in Athens and became editor in chief. Nowadays he has his own book store near the University of Athens campus.

Guillermo Reyes Chavarría
MA English Language Teaching 2009-10

Guillermo is currently working on one of Mexico's most ambitious education projects. Along with the 31 states in the country and in the Federal District, the Ministry of Education is implementing the National English Programme in Basic Education. It aims to enable kindergarten, primary and secondary school children to learn English as a second language. Guillermo is in charge of coordinating the NEPBE in the state subsystem along with the state coordinator and his team at the Directorate of Basic Education.

Guillermo is pleased to say that one of his staff is currently studying in Warwick as a Hornby Scholar. He is really proud of having studied in Warwick and hopes to be back there some day.

Yanling Chen
MA Translation Studies 2004-05

Yanling has been involved A-level and IGCSE courses for about eight years since 2006, responsible for teaching English as a second language and managing the teaching affairs. She wishes to develop more links with other academic organisations and meet friends doing education.

Yi-chun Chiang
MA English Literature 2007-08
Is about to begin work as a high school English teacher in China
Anna Christie
MSc Financial Mathematics 2007-08
Anna travelled round South America after graduation. She has now started work as a quantitative analyst with the government.
James Clark
BSc Computer Science 2007-11

James spent a year living and studying in China after graduating. After returning to the UK he started a graduate programme at IBM in Edinburgh.

Josie Clark
MA in Drama and Theatre in Education 2007-08
Josie is currently Head of Drama at Grace Academy in Coventry. Since graduating her work has featured in the Times Educational Supplement and she is a regular contributor to Teaching Drama. She has also become a GCSE Drama examiner for Edexcel.
James Cleaver
BA History 2006-09
Travelled to the USA after graduation, visiting Boston, New York City and Washington DC. He now works as a publishing editor at Routledge, Taylor & Francis, working on the business and management journals.
Mahdi Dahmardeh
PhD Education 2006-09

Mahdi Dahmardeh is faculty member and assistant professor at the University of Tehran. Mahdi is currently Director of the University of Tehran Language Centre. He is also the Executive Editor of the Research Platform Online Journal. His interest particularly lies in curriculum development along with research on textbooks for foreign/second language teaching. He has published many books and articles as well as attending international conferences throughout the world.

Mayada Daibes
PhD Nursing 2008-11
After passing her viva in September 2011, Mayada returned to Jordan where she is now working as an assistant professor at Philadelphia University in Amman. She is teaching courses and is currently the head of the academic research development committee in the school of nursing at the university.
Sabrina Dridje
BSc Psychology 2003-06 & MA Film and TV 2006-07

After working as Business Affairs Manager for film sales agent Hanway Films, Sabrina is now a freelance project manager within the creative industries based in London and is gearing up to move to NYC in August 2012.

Robbie Drye
BSc Accounting and Finance 2006-09

Since graduating, Robbie has joined Ernst and Young (EY). He has just finished his first placement in Restructuring and thoroughly enjoyed it. He hopes to stay with EY for the foreseeable future as he enjoys the 'people' culture of the firm. Robbie is also a keen runner and will be running the 2011 London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.

Robbie would love to hear from other alumni from WBS or even those that may have joined or are looking to join EY. He would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at WBS for providing him with the foundations and knowledge that have enabled him to build a career in accounting and finance.

Ryan Dillon
BSc Biomedical Science 2008-11

After graduation Ryan spent three months as an accountancy intern. He then spent six months in the Czech Republic doing pharmaceutical recruitment. Since returning to the UK he has been living in Bicester.

 Alice Edgeworth
Alice Edgeworth
BSc Biological Sciences 2007-10

Alice is about to start a Master's degree at Nottingham Trent University in order to become a biomedical scientist. It is her ambition to write a popular science book and to work in hospital diagnostics.

 Roxanne Emery
Roxanne Emery
BA Philosophy & Politics 2006-09
Roxanne has swapped investment banking for the music industry. After writing only five songs Roxanne got snapped up by a record company at her third ever gig. Her debut single, Real, came out in November 2010 and her debut album, Remember Me, will be released in 2011.
Tamara Everiss
MBA 2007-11

Since graduation Tamara has undertaken an MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine at the University of Surrey. Once this is completed she looks forward to entering the pharmaceutical industry.

John Finlayson
John Finlayson
BSc Physics 2008-11

After graduation John planned to work as a part-time teaching assistant in local primary and secondary schools whilst doing a discipleship year at his church. However, he was then offered a part-time job working for Kidz Klub Coventry charitable trust. This was too good an opportunity to pass up, so he is now there part time doing some really exciting stuff with inner city kids.

Rebecca Finlayson
Rebecca Finlayson
BA Classical Civilisation 2007-10
Since graduating in 2010 with a BA Hons in Classical Civilisation, Rebecca has worked as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant at Blue Coat Academy in Coventry. She took a year out from September 2012 to July 2013 in order to engage in charity work and concentrate on some writing projects. During that time she completed two novels and began work on a third. Her debut novel, a young adult dystopian fiction called X&Y, is now available on Amazon Kindle. The second novel, an epic fantasy entitled The Secrets of Nethiaria: The Magician's Book will be released as an ebook in Spring 2014.
David Gago-Saldana
Msc Economics 2000-01
Recently finished his PhD at the University of Alcala in Spain and was awarded the Victor Mendoza Prize for Excellence by the Insituto De Estudios Economicos. A short version of his PhD was published in June 2010.
Milind Ghan
Milind Ghan
MSc Engineering Business Management 2006-09

Milind is currently working at NRB Bearings Limited as a Divisional Manager, Engineering Center. He looks after the New Product Development activities.


Andy Glyde BA Politics 2005-08 and Leanne Marvelley BA Theatre & Performance Studies 2005-08
In December 2009, Andy and Leanne got engaged. They first met in their first year at Warwick while they both lived in Arthur Vick. They got together in the second term and have been going out ever since. Andy currently works as a Campaigner for RNID in London while Leanne is training to be an actress at Drama Studio London.


James Goulding BA History & Sociology 2001-04 and Charlotte Flynn BA History & Sociology 2001-04
Were married in March 2009 in Yorkshire. They met in a history seminar during their first year at Warwick and have been together ever since. After graduation in 2004 they both moved to Garforth in Yorkshire where they work for the NHS.
Yueru Guan
Yueru Guan
Msc Engineering Enterprise Excellence 2005-06

Yueru is teaching Business Oral English at Open College of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; she is also teaching IELTS at Longre Guangzhou Training Centre and is Overseas Studies Consellor for U-link College, South China Normal University and a part-time translator for Guangzhou Luogang District Notary Office.

Firas Habach
BSc Economics 2004-08
After leaving Warwick Firas went on to work for telecomms company before leaving to return to university as student at the University of Vienna where he is studying Economics. In addition to this he is running his own web design company and has been working with his local fire department to plan a new fire station.
James Hall
James Hall
BSc Mathematics 2006-09
James has moved on from his extra-curricular activities in the Music Centre and now works as a professional singer at Portsmouth Cathedral.
H.A. Hellyer
PhD in Ethnic Relations 2001-05
H.A. Hellyer is Fellow at the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at Warwick and Director of the research consultancy, the Visionary Consultants Group. He is a United Nations ‘Global Expert’ on minority-majority relations (including in the West, Africa and Southeast Asia), political philosophy, and the interplay between religion and modernity. You can find more information on his website.
Matthew Hepburn
BA Film with Television Studies 2007-10

Matthew has joined Lexis Public Relations in London as an Assistant Account Executive on their consumer team, as part of the Generation Xpert graduate scheme. He has managed a variety of accounts, such as: Boots, No7, Coca-Cola, diet Coke and Magners Irish Cider.

Matthew has also had his undergraduate essay 'Character Empathy and Moral Judgment in Pre-1908 Cinema' published in an American journal, Film Matters; followed by a travel scholarship to the University of North Carolina (Wilmington) to discuss his article at its Visions Film Festival and Conference.

David Heslop
BA English Literature 2000-03

Since graduating Warwick in 2003, David has been working in the TV industry, becoming a producer and director, primarily of promos/trailers. He currently works for kids' channel CITV, where he makes promos and short features, and produces the promotional campaign for the successful children's writing competition "Share a Story".

The competition has won two Children's BAFTA Awards for "Best Short Form", in 2012 and 2013. David was honoured to be one of the recipients in 2012 and proud to take a BAFTA home. His work on the competition also includes script-editing the children's entries, and writing and directing an annual behind-the-scenes documentary programme for ITV and CITV.In addition to his "proper" job, he also writes extensively in his spare time. In 2012 his first play, "Dragons", was performed in Bristol, directed by fellow Warwick alum Kirsty Hemming.

Jennifer Holland
BA History 2007-10
Since leaving Warwick, Jane has been looking for work in a tough economic environment. Fortunately she has found a job with a bank and is now looking forward continuing her studies by studying for an MA in 2011.
Muna Hooshan
Muna Hooshan
MA English Language Studies & Methods 2007-08
Two years after graduation, Muna is working as an English teacher at the University of Aleppo in Syria. She really misses her time in Warwick and cherishes every person and thing that connects her with them. Many thanks for keeping in touch.
Sam Huang
LLB Law 2006-09

After obtaining his LLB at Warwick, Sam completed a JD programme at UCLA School of Law. He is now a member of the California Bar and working at a Wall Street law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell. He specializes in capital markets and mergers and acquisitions.

Laura Hudson
Laura Walker Hudson
LLM International Development Law and Human Rights 2005-06

Laura took up a post with the British Red Cross on leaving Warwick, working in international humanitarian aid policy. After three years, went to FrontlineSMS where she is now Director of Operations for its software Foundation, building free software that lets you turn a laptop and a mobile phone into a two-way text-messaging hub that doesn't require the Internet - perfect for the developing world. Usually to be found on a plane somewhere between London and Nairobi.


Isnoroddin Ibrahim
MSc Supply Engineering and Logistics 2006-09
Has been seconded from Royal Malaysian Air Force Center for Aerospace and Engineering Services to a government-linked company known as Composites Technology Research Malaysia Systems Integration to manage the systems integration capability development and technology transfer from a technology partner appointed by the government.
Ricardo James
Ricardo M James
MA International Political Economy 2003-04
After graduation Ricardo returned to his position as Senior Trade Officer in the Ministry of Trade of the Government of Dominica. He was then promoted to Director of Trade in 2005. In 2008 he moved to Geneva to Head the Mission of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) where he represents the six OECS member states at the World Trade Organisation and at UNCTAD and WIPO.


Atchara Jansena
LLM Law in Development 1999-2000

Atchara is now a lecturer at Faculty of Law, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand and Deputy Dean for Research and International Affairs.


Oduntan Jawoniyi
MA in Religious Education 2003-5

Following the successful completion of his MA, Oduntan pursued and successfully completed his PhD at the Queen's University, Belfast.

Jojo John

Jojo John
MSc Engineering Business Management 2009-10

Upon graduation, Jojo has taken up more responsibility with same employer. From manager of a small engineering team to the manager of entire engineering functions of a 400 strong organisation. His course has given him the necessary skills to lead an enthusiastic and dynamic engineering team with a complete business approach.

John Johnston
MA Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health 2001-04
John is having a really good 'lie-in' having retired from the NHS after 37 years of shift-work and nights. He says that his pension isn't big but it's enough to make life tolerable! If he was rich, he would do a degree in science!
Alex Jonas
BSc Mathematics & Economics 2006-09
Now a senior manager in The RBS Group PLC; working on preparing the Divested Business RBS England & Wales/NatWest Scotland, for disposal under the European Commission Ruling for State Aid.
Gareth Jones
BA History 2003-06
Gareth works for Nature Valley - an Olympic sponsor - and was nominated for charity and youth work through hockey to carry the Olympic Torch. Whilst at Warwick Gareth was Mens 2nd XI captain and secretary and he's pleased to say still playing every week in London.
Jess Jones
Jess Jones Blythe (née Jones)
BA French Studies 2003-07
Jess married her American husband in 2010 and as a result moved to Orlando, FL. After two years trying to find her place in the tourism industry she decided it wasn't for her and recently moved to Washington, DC where she is now pursuing a career with non-profit organisation Teach For America (equivalent to Teach First in the UK). Jess is looking forward to catching up with some of the Warwick alumni in the DC area.


Foteini Kalantzi
MA International Political Economy 2003-04
Foteini is in the second year of a PhD programme at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece and working at the 'Apogevmatini' newspaper as a journalist at the economics section.
Kouris Kalligas
MA International Relations 2005-06

After graduation Kouris worked for the biggest NGO in Greece (European Perspective) as an assistant on a development project. After this he went to work for a consulting company specialising in NGO funding, political consulting and research. He then joined the European management trainee programme at Sappi Fine Paper Europe where he worked on integration projects and supply chain systems and engineering on optimisation and efficiency projects.

He has recently been appointed supply chain service manager at Sappi Fine Paper Europe and is based in Brussels.

David Kao
Wei-Tsung (David) Kao
MSc in Engineering Business Management 2000-01
After graduation David joined several tier-1 IT companies such as Dell, HP, ASUS to work as the Senior Manager of Laptop/Netbook Product Manager Dept. He was honoured to lead a team developing the Global 1st one Netbook (EeePC) and got the chance to go to study for an MBA at Cambridge for his second master degree. He has worked at NGE Group as Deputy Director in the UK for couple years and is currently President of the Council Of Taiwanese Chambers Of Commerce In Europe - Junior Chapter.
Huzaifa Kapasi
MSc Advance electronics and MSc Research 2002-06
Huzaifa moved back to India after graduation and started a career as a wireless DSP physical layer developer. Since then he has worked on WiMAX, WCDMA(3G), EVDO and LTE(4G) technologies. He has worked with top clients around the world including Selex Communication, Airvana, Nokia Seimens and Aeroflex. Huzaifa has become a lead in wireless receiver design, algorithm development. Currently he is associated with Aeroflex Inc, a leading supplier of test mobile for all base stations around the world. Proud to be warwick alumni :)
Remah Moustafa Kamel
PGA and Certificate on Assisted Reproduction Techniques 2007-08

Remah moved from France to UK after obtaining his Postgraduate Diploma in Operative Endoscopy (Gynaecology) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand on 2006.

His PGC from Warwick in Assisted Reproduction Techniques on 2008 which has helped him to develop the skills needed to start and look after infertile couples. He credits his career and success to the hard work which he, his parents and Warwick put in. The Warwick's certificate motivated him to get another Master Degree in Human Reproduction and Development from the University of Bristol with a subsequent subspecialty in ART. He is working now as Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Faculty of Medicine.

Nithia Kumar Kasava
MSc Engineering Business Management 2007-11

After graduating MSc from Warwick, Nithia managed to open a company that specialised in low voltage solar powered products and industrial consultancy. In addition he is pursuing PhD mechanical engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Thanks to Warwick for building his confidence and knowledge to date.


Marcus Keupp
International Student 2000-01
His time at Warwick had a profound impact on him. He enjoyed both the personal touch of his studies and Warwick's internationality and diversity. He was also given a chance to deepen his artistic experience. He joined the Warwick choir and visited exhibitions at Birmingham and London. Today he works as an associate professor of management at the University of St. Gallen.
Hannah Kitcher
BA Sociology 2009-12

Hannah is undertaking an MSc Sociology (Research) at London School of Economics

Zeina Koinis
BA Politics with International Studies 2004-07
Returned to the United States after graduation and pursued a Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University specialising in public and not-for-profit management. She now runs an admission department for a non-profit which serves autistic children.
Casper ter Kuile
Casper ter Kuile
BA History and Sociology 2005-09

Casper is a campaign strategist consulting for NGOs such as Oxfam, WWF and 38 Degrees. He continues in his involvement of the UK Youth Climate Coalition, which he co-founded with fellow Warwick graduate Emma Biermann. In 2011, he was named a 'Global Shaper' by the World Economic Forum, and has spent three months touring through Europe with his world folk singing ensemble 'Northern Harmony'.

Natali Lekka
MA Translation studies 2001-02

After graduation, Natali spent seven years living and working in the UK as a translator, researcher and journalist and in 2005-06 a TV researcher for Channel 4's "A Place in the Sun". Since 2007 she has been back in Greece where she had founded a new language business called Worlds of Words which offers translation services in more than 50 languages. You can find more information here:

Chi-Jen Grace Lin
MA English Language Studies and Methods 2005-06

Chi-Jen is currently living in Taichung City, Taiwan, and has been working as a university lecturer for six years. She has published her own books about English teaching methods and her ambition is to write more popular books and to contribute her success to Warwick.

Shaun Lordan
BSc Economics 2006-09
Travelled around Thailand after graduation before going on to run the Coventry Half Marathon. He started graduate job training in September 2009. So far, so good.


Katie Mabbett
BA English Literature & Theatre Studies 2000-03
Has been working as a freelance art director and costume designer for television, film, corporate videos, commercials, events and theatre since graduating in 2003. She still misses Warwick and gets very excited when she meets up with alumni friends in London. Check out her website at
Séamus MacSuibhne
MA Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health 2007-10
Séamus is currently a consultant psychiatrist in St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny, Ireland and a visiting fellow at the School of Medicine, University College Cork.
Samuel Lucas McMillan
MA in International Relations 2002-03

Dr Lucas McMillan has been named Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, USA.


Andrew Mallinson
ME Computer Science 2001–05
Involved with a team which is planning to row across the Atlantic as part of the Woodvale Atlantic Challenge. More details on their row can be found at Andrew and his teammates hope to raise £50,000 for the British Heart Foundation and the National Star College (Cheltenham).

Jenny Marsden

Jenny Marsden
BSc Biological Sciences with Intercalated Year 2001-05
Since graduating she has completed the graduate trainee scheme at Sante Healthcare. She gained a Diploma in PR and used her clinical knowledge to assist large pharmaceutical clients. Then she moved to Shell as a Communications Adviser for exploration and production in Sakhalin and Alaska. She is currently Social Investment Programme Manager for Shell UK, managing two national social investment programmes.
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins
PhD in Economics 2000-04

Pedro served as State Secretary for Employment in the Government of Portugal from June 2011 to February 2013. During that period, he was responsible for a number of policy reforms in areas such as employment law, training, employment subsidies and apprenticeships.

Soraya Sophia Moghadass
BA Italian Studies 2006-10

Soraya did a one year graduate scheme with Randstad, moved to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean in 2013 working for Marriott International.


Iqbal Mohammed
LLB Law 2002-05
Now a trainee barrister working in Birmingham. He was recently filmed as part of a four-part documentary shown on BBC2 about the world of barristers. His episode focused on new students breaking into this very competitive profession.
Atif Mughal
MSc Engineering Business Management 2006-07
Atif has been working as a management consultant helping client (both private and public sector) to manage their cost reduction programmes and deliver sustainable benefits.

Zoe Muller

Zoe Muller
BSc Psychology 2000-03
Upon graduating from Warwick, Zoe launched an equestrian gap year company, Globe Trotters International Ltd ( which continues to thrive. Zoe now lives in Kenya where she established a pioneering research programme to study an endangered giraffe species and she advises the Kenyan government on giraffe and wildlife conservation.
Alex Neame
Alex Neame
FTMBA 2006-07

Alex is currently very much enjoying working in the oil and gas industry as a manager at Schlumberger Business Consulting. Since 2006 he has worked on various projects in Europe, Asia, ex-CIS states, the Middle East, the United States and Africa. In the past five years he has advised a variety of high profile clients, including some of the fastest-growing oil companies, oil field service companies and chemical manufacturers. His subject matter experience ranges from due diligence and strategic planning to operational optimisation and manpower planning and he has worked with international clients and colleagues of over thirty different nationalities.

Ricardo Nunes
MBA 2006-08
Ricardo joined Novecia as financial controller for a mining operation in Angola and will be moving to Africa soon. This will be his first experience in the region.
Rosario Ogbechie
BA Sociology with Specialism in Social Policy 2008-11

Rosario got the opportunity to intern at Goldman Sachs and is currently doing a Master's in Broadcast Journalism at City University in London.


George Okorie
MSc Quantitative Development Economics 1999-2000
Returned home to Nigeria after graduation and started work with British Council Nigeria in August 2001 as the Centre Manager of its Abuja centre. He now works for the Central Bank of Nigeria where he is a Senior Economist in the Monetary Policy Department. George remains grateful to the DFID-University of Warwick, who jointly provided the full scholarship that gave him the best experience in life.
Charles Okpala
MSc Engineering Business Management 2005-06

After graduation in 2006, Charles returned to Nigeria where he set up a small company with interest in the marketing of petroleum products and building materials. He later enrolled at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in 2007 for his doctorate degree. He obtained his PhD in Production Engineering in 2012 with Distinction and started work with the university as a lecturer in the department of Industrial/Production Engineering.

Titus Osikoya
MSc Engineering Business Management 2006-07

Titus worked for a shortwhile at Wolseley UK after Warwick and then returned to Nigeria in 2008 to join Access Bank Plc as the Business Process Manager. He is currently implementing ISO 9001:2008 QMS. He is a Lean and Six Sigma practitioner. He enjoys problem solving, oil painting and piano. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful boys.

Lei Ouyang
LLM International Economic Law 2003-04

For Lei studying at Warwick was an unforgettable experience. He currently works at Baker&McKenzie's Beijing office as an Associate in the Corporate Group. He would love to keep in close contact with Warwick.


Aminu Owonikoko
MSc Process Technology and Business Management 2006-08
Aminu is currently a 3rd year PhD student at The Wolfson Centre for Bulksolids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich.
Rachel Paddick
Rachael Paddick
BA English Literature 2002-05

After graduating, Rachael got into the PR and Communications Industry. Since Warwick she has worked in London for a PR agency looking after clients including L’Oreal, been a finalist for Outstanding Young Communicator, become Chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for the whole of East Anglia, where she now lives, worked on hugely successful campaigns across tourism, leisure, entertainment, the arts, food and drink, beauty, fashion, financial services and education. She was recently promoted to Director of a PR firm in Norfolk (aged 26) and has been a proactive ambassador for the communications industry.

Anita Panchmatia (née Jobanputra)
BSc Computer Science & Business Studies 2000-03

Anita is now Vice President and EMEA Business Manager at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Prior to this role, she worked at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase in London and New York. Anita was recognised in Management Today's 2010 list of "35 Women Under 35".

Nikolaos Papanikolaou
MA Politics & International Studies 2000-01

Dr Nikolaos I. Papanikolaou has been Assistant Professor of Banking at the School of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Sussex since January 2014. Before joining the University of Sussex, he was a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in finance at the Luxembourg School of Finance of the University of Luxembourg for four and a half years. He has also held several visiting scholar positions at the Stern School of Business at New York University, the Department of Economics at University of Illinois and the Department of Banking and Finance at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

Alongside with his academic activity, Dr Papanikolaou has worked as a consultant, financial advisor and credit officer in the financial services industry. He also serves as a fact finder in banking-related court cases and as a mediator in corporate bankruptcy cases. In addition, he is evaluator and reviewer of research proposals and projects in the context of European Commission research funding programmes from 2011.

Alison Parish
PG Teaching Advanced Mathematics 2005-06

Alison enjoyed her course so much that she is back again and working towards a PhD - looking at how much KS3 teachers use ICT in mathematics lessons.

Elizabeth Penny
Elizabeth Penny
BSc International Business with Spanish 2001-05

Having worked in accountancy for Arthur Anderson prior to going to Warwick, and then spending her year abroad working for Mars in Madrid, Lizzie found her passion lay in marketing, working on global brands at Diageo including Guinness, Pimm's and Smirnoff. However, she soon became something of a sceptic of the classic client-agency model and as such decided to try to revolutionise the marketing industry by starting her own business. Lizzie is the co-founder of a very successful marketing outsource business - Futureproof. The structure of the company is unique; a full service creative agency and client-side marketing team in one. The business now employs over 20 staff and looks set to turn over £1.5m in its third year. Clients include Enterprise Inns, Pfizer, Prostate Cancer UK and World Vision. As well as being a successful business women, Lizzie also married Nick Collins (International Business with French 2001-2005) this summer.

Gareth Perriam
MSc IAMBEC 2008-09
Gareth is currently a research assistant at Unilever Research and Development in Portsunlight.
richard pickard
Richard Pickard
BA Film and Literature 2004-07

Since graduating from Warwick Richard has worked in various fashion industry roles including editorial at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and ELLE, PR at Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton, and styling on The X Factor. Since January 2012 he has been Senior Press Officer at Condé Nast, working on the publicity and events of Vogue, GQ and the rest of the company's titles.

Helene Platel
MSC in Advanced Photonics 2003-04
After graduation Helene got back to France and got quickly hired by Total - one of the major oil compagny - in IT. She has been involved in various worldwide projects. She is now an IT manager in the Marketing & Services branch. Based in Paris, she also has two lovely kids. She lives the life of every working mum and wife, with flat shoes and juggling to balance her three lives!
Karen Pond
BSc Biological Sciences 2000-03

Karen worked as a medical representative for 3 and a half years and then applied for graduate entry medicine. She has just qualified as a doctor and is working at Gloucester Hospital.

Suzi Power
BA French and Italian Studies 2005-09
Since graduating, Suzi decided to change career path a little and did an MA in performing arts at Mountview Academy - she is now doing musical theatre professionally. Currently she is appearing at Theatre Clwyd in pantomime as Princess Lotus Blossum. She says that it's a very tough field but hopefully she will continue to get work within the industry!
Qing Qi
MA Childhood in Society 2010-11

Qing Qi is currently back in China working at Gymboree in the early education field.

Richard Quigley
Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration 2001-07

Being fortunate enough to be taught by the late (great) Peter Doyle, Richard realized that the knowledge he gained would be put to best use working for himself. So now he has two fish and chip shops, rental properties and does stand-up comedy to relax.

Tanvir Rahman
PhD Biological Sciences 2007-10
Tanvir is enjoying teaching, research and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students at Bangladesh Agricultural University where he has been appointed Head of the Department of Microbiology and Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Science.
Jagjit Thakur Ratan
Msc Engineering Business Management & MSc Advanced Electronics Engineering 2003-05

Jagjit is currently working as an energy consultant as part of Schneider Electric supporting clients across the globe in implementing energy efficiency measures and tackling energy risks.


Peter Reeves MBChB 2002-06 and Laura Stirling MBChB 2003-07
This husband and wife team went on a ‘medical adventure’ to help street children in India, Nepal and Belize. They worked for a trust which offers safe houses for children in New Delhi, offered first aid, basic life support, sex education and lifestyle advice to children in orphanages in Nepal and helped a retired British nun run her obstetrics and gynaecology programme in isolated villages in Belize.
Linda Roberts
Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector 2009-10

Since completing the CTLLS course, I have continued in my role as a Spanish tutor. I have more classes than ever in September and am looking forward to an exciting year. Studying for CTLLS was compulsory, but I thank you that I now have this qualification.

Alejandro Rodriguez
MA International Economic Law 2009-10

Alejandro is now vice-consul of Peru in Santiago, Chile. He owns an English school in Lima, Peru.


Olimpia Rosales-Ledezma
MSc Engineering Business Management 2001-02
Now back living in Mexico. She has opened the first wine shop and wine bar for Mexican wines. It is her mission to let know everyone there are great Mexican wines!
Matthew Routledge
MSc Engineering Business Management 2005-09

Matthew is providing real estate advice to global corporate clients whilst studying for a professional doctorate (DBEnv) through Salford University. He is currently researching the impact on motivation of virtual team working.

Laura Ruff
BA Sociology with specialism in Gender Studies 2006-09
Since graduation she has been working full time as a teaching assistant in a special needs school where she is gaining valuable work experience for her upcoming Masters degree in Speech & Language Therapy.
Mohd Nazrin Haikal Ruslan
BEd Teaching English As A Second Language 2009-13

Haikal started to work as a lecturer a month after he finished his degree. He is currently teaching extended grammar and reading and writing development to TESL students in Malaysia.

Divino Sabino
BA Law & Business Studies 2001-04

Divino was elected President of the Bar Association of Seychelles in July 2016. He had served as Secretary of the Bar Association for seven years.

Björn Schmidt
MSc Marketing and Strategy 2005-06
Björn was recently appointed General Manager of the Electronic Media Division of Axel Springer AG, Germany’s leading media corporation, based in Berlin. After graduation he joined Deutsche Bank AG’s strategy team and wrote his PhD thesis in his spare time (and during a short sabbatical) on a topic directly inspired by one of the many courses he took at WBS: “The Dynamics of M&A Strategy”. In addition to his current professional position he lectures in international and strategic management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.
Peter Selman
Peter Selman
BA Comparative American Studies 2000-04
Peter won the Wanderlust World Guide of Year award in September 2010. Awarded by Wanderlust magazine, it honours the very best tour leaders from across the globe. Peter has been working in Latin America for the last seven years and testimonials regularly commented on his "inexhaustible knowledge" of history, politics, wildlife, people and culture. He won a £5,000 bursary and he plans to give at least half to a community project that helps children in Bolivia who have suffered burns injuries.
Ryan Service
Ryan Service
BA English Literature 2006-09
Since graduating from Warwick Ryan has been training to be a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Birmingham. He began his training in September 2011 at the Royal English College, in Valladolid, Spain. From September 2012 he has been resident at the Venerable English College in Rome, where he is currently studying Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Those who have fond memories of the Medieval to Renaissance Literature course might remember the poetry of Robert Southwell SJ, an alumnus of the College where he lives and studies in Rome. A lot of his Literature notes have proven useful in Theology so far!
Jennifer Sibley
BA Politics 2009-12

Jennifer volunteered at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games which was amazing. She worked as an intern for the Airport Operators’ Association on a project analysing the regulatory burden on airports. And then got a job!

Jag Singh
MSc Engineering Business Management and MSc Advanced Electronics Engineering 2003-2006
Jag is currently working as an Energy and Resource Efficiency Consultant for ADAS UK. He's still based in the Midlands and visits Warwick on a regular basis.
Vinay Preet Singh
LLM International Development Law and Human Rights 2007-08

Vinay is a founding partner of a law firm named Lex Juris Associates: Advocates & Solicitors in India.

Recently he has been awarded the National Excellence Award 2011 for youth politics. He also heads the Indo-Montenegro Friendship and Chamber of Commerce (IMFCC) whose aim is to establish and strengthen personal relationships, cultural exchanges, tourism promotion, trade and education in India and Montenegro.

Vinay has been chosen as one of 100 icons by the Parwaz Express Group (Media Group) in the field of academics and is serving as a Honorary National Advisor of the Urdu Press Club.

Katie Stewart (née Gough)
PGCE English with Drama 2005-06

Katie is currently head of English and Performing Arts at the British School of Washington in Washington DC, USA.

Dan Stoenescu
MA Globalisation and Development 2003-04

Dan was appointed Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania on the 17th of November 2015 in the interim government led by prime-minister Dacian Cioloș.

He is a career diplomat (2007), journalist and essayist. Eversince the begining of his career, he militated for the rights of Romanians abroad and he was involved in projects regarding the preservation of the Romanian language, culture and identity across the communities overseas. Between February 2009 and February 2010, he coordinated the activity of the Division for Romanians Abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, he is a founding member of the Worldwide Romanians Youth League and of the Center for Democratic Education, developing projects to support Romanian communities in the near abroad. He worked for several specialized agencies of the United Nations and also in non- governmental organizations in the United States of America, Latin America and Middle East.

He has had diplomatic postings in the Romanian Embassies in Madrid and Beirut. Between 2011 – 2013 he was president of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Lebanon, for two consecutive mandates, as a representative of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

He holds a graduate diploma in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies from the American University in Cairo (2006). Also, he has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Bucharest (2009).

He also attended several courses at the European Security and Defense College, Belgium, Matías Romero Institute, Mexico and at the Netherlands Instititute of International Relations Clingendael. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian and has some knowledge of Portuguese and Arabic.

Emily Stylianou
BSc Accounting and Finance 2006-09
Emily started her ACA training last year and is currently working in KPMG Cyprus.

Zhaoyang Sun

Zhaoyang Sun
PhD in Sociology 2005-09
Zhaoyang is now undertaking a postdoctorate at Renmin University in China.
Naureen Subzposh
MA International Design and Communication Management 2008-09
Naureen is working with Promo Vison, a fun and creative advertising agency in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She is handling accounts such as Pantene, Pampers and Gillette.
Yu Tang
MSc Business (Marketing) 2014-15

After Warwick, Yu Tang became a member of KPMG Smart Network, got qualified for joining McKinsey & Company's Webex, as well as the Asia Investment Banking Conference in HK, as a delegate. Currently, Yu is joining a Fortune Global 500 company with a formal graduate programme. He has also become an ACCA affiliate which essentially satisfies his career goal further to develop his global expertise in financial and banking sector. As he and Paul Samuelson both believe, "the age of chivalry is gone, that of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded".

Neus Monras Tatche
Exchange Student 2008
After leaving Warwick Neus received a scholarship as as a researcher in Lisbon. More recently she has been working as a teacher at a public university in Spain.
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
BA French and History 2005-09
After graduating Elizabeth moved to Spain for a year and learned Spanish and travelled, working as a teacher and au pair. Then she came back to London and started hunting for a job in the tourism industry because she had eventually come to the conclusion that it was the industry for her! She thinks it is the perfect sector for a 'languages' graduate who often finish their degree and have no idea how to use their skills in the workplace.
Richard Taylor
MMathPhys 2002-06
Travelled the world on a gap year after graduation. Following this, he undertook an energy policy Masters at Imperial and is now working as a sustainable energy consultant.
Torkild Thanem
BSc Management Sciences 1993-96

Torkild was promoted to full professor at Stockholm University School of Business in October 2011 and his book, The Monstrous Organization, was published by Edward Elgar in August to great acclaim by colleagues.

Muthomi Thiankolu
LLM in International Economic Law 2008-09

In April 2012 Muthomi started a legal practice in Kenya in partnership with Samuel Karanja, Muthomi & Karanja Advocates. Their core areas of practice are in dispute resolution, real estate transactions and legal consultancy and advisory services.

Penelope Thompson
LLM Law in Development 2000-02

After being suddenly widowed two years ago, she has expanded her cottage industry to include a holiday cottage. She no longer works in International Development although the inspiration for her cottage industry is rooted in this field. She is a very part-time Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriage and has returned to writing – novels this time (as opposed to development articles).

Thotsaphon Thongjunthug
PhD Mathematics 2007-11

After completing his PhD he returned to Thailand and started his teaching career as a lecturer at Khon Kaen University. Nowadays he enjoys sharing his knowledge and overseas experience with his students.

Natalie Tyldesley
MA Social Research 2007-08
Is a Research Assistant at the University of Wolverhampton.
Praveen Joseph Vackayil
MSc Information Systems and Management 2008-09

Praveen is pursuing an exciting career in information security working as an Associate Product Manager at SISA Information Security, India.

Celine Vergne
MA English Literature 2006-07
Celine is about to move to Mauritius to teach English at a French school!
Adam Wallbridge
BEng Automotive Engineering 2007-10
After Warwick Adam worked as a product designer for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company specialising in the HGV/military sector. Having got bored of not being trained he moved to Vax (the vacuum company) where he was a product compliance engineer and headed up their value engineering department in the quality faculty. He has now moved to Jaguar Landrover where he is a quality engineer within advance product creation. Adam would like to thank Warwick for giving him the skills that have allowed him to get where he is today!

Charlotte Walsh

Charlotte Walsh
BA English and American Literature 2003-07
Charlotte has just got a new job working as a Communications Officer at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, so spends her days helping promote all their dogs and cats. It's great fun!
Ingrid Warner
Ingrid Helsingen Warner
BA Politics with International Studies 2003-06
Since graduation Ingrid has moved to Switzerland and become Warwick's alumni ambassador there. She has recently begun working for LEIDAR an organisation which offers a combination of communications consultancy, strategic corporate development and coaching and training services.
Graham Wheeler
Graham Wheeler
BSc MMORSE 2005 - 2009
After graduating in 2009 and enjoying a well deserved two-month break touring the west coast of America, Graham was awarded a scholarship to pursue an MSc in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In September 2010, he graduated with distinction and began his PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Cambridge, where he now works on designing clinical trials for investigating anti-cancer drugs.
Katy Wickremesinghe
BA History 2000-03
Katy has been working at London-based PR agency Freud Communications for the past nine years and currently heads up the Luxury & Lifestyle division as a Senior Account Director. Her accounts include: Soho House Group, The Old Vic, Airbnb, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Vodafone fashion and lots of project based work around London Fashion Week and Frieze Art Fair. Katy is living in Battersea and is engaged to royal photographer Christopher Jackson from Getty Images.


James Wood (BA French & History 2001-05) and Alice Rudd (BA English & Italian Literature 2002-06)
Got married on Saturday 25th July 2009 in Bedfordshire. They met in 2004, James' final year, and moved in with each other shortly after leaving Warwick. James is now a police officer for Thames Valley Police and Alice is a teacher at a school in Didcot. They live in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The wedding was attended by other alumni of the University.
Rachel Wood
Rachel Wood
BA Film and Literature 2007-10

After graduating from Warwick Rachel worked at BBC Radio Stoke and a Staffordshire newspaper for a year while doing an MA in Broadcast Journalism. Rachel has now been working as an entertainment journalist for Sky for two years and freelancing on BBC productions such as Glastonbury and The One Show.

In the last year she has interviewed people like Matt Smith, Michael Parkinson, the cast of numerous TV shows but most awesomely The Walking Dead, as well as her chef favourites James Martin and the Roux family, and last summer she interviewed Olympians and Paralympians like USA Basketball heroes Kobe Bryant and LeBron James! Other highlights include working on the Sky Movies Oscars broadcast with Alex Zane, going to the TV BAFTA awards and mistaking Shane Richie for someone she knows (much to his confusion), and working with the Sky News team from the Star Trek 2 premiere red carpet.

Mustafa Younis
Mustafa Younis
PhD Biological Sciences 2009-12

Mustafa is now Head of Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Benghazi.

Hakan Yurdakul
Msc Engineering Business Management (2006-07)

Hakan is working at Unilever as brand manager for Knorr and is responsible for strategy and brand communications in North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

Ci Zhang
MA English Language Studies and Methods 2006-07
Ci has taught English at a university for five years.
Yilin Zhong
MA British Cultural Studies 2002-04

Yilin studied in Warwick in her first year of coming to the UK and then settled in London after graduation. Since then she has published five books in China, including four novels (all written in London), and one peaked at #3 in Amazon bestselling list.
Thank you dear Warwick, with love.



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