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Classnotes - 1980s

Mark Blayney
BA Politics and International Relations 1982-85
Took up a career in business rescue, published four business books and hoping to do more while living 'off grid' in the wilds of Northumberland.
Jim Bray
MA Industrial Relations 1987-89
Jim has been accepted to membership of the Society for Graphic Fine Art. The work he submitted included some of his book illustrations, extracts from sketches he made while on a study visit to Colombia, some of his cartoon work and "impressions" of a visit to the Tate Modern.
Ben Cater
BSc Mathematics 1985-88

Ben moved to London to be with friends but had a succession of terrible jobs: telesales, pizza menu design/printing, cycle and motorbike courier. Luckily he broke his leg and the rehab got him into cycling and the cycle trade as co-owner and helped build a cycle store into a successful chain which was sold out a few years ago. He now works as a self-employed investment person. He still plays trombone and enjoys his kids and car/motorbike racing.

Connie Yau Han Chan
BSc Industrial Economics 1987-90

After graduation, Connie returned to Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Police. Though she says that she hasn't had not much of a breakthrough on her career, she enjoys her life, of course, including her 10-year old daughter. She would like to take this opportunity to say 'hi' to the long lost friends she met at Warwick.

Aileen Christodoulou
Aileen Christodoulou
English & Theatre Studies 1985-88

An assistant gardener on the 3-year restoration project at Quex Park, Birchington, it is fair to say that Aileen has had no real career since graduation from Warwick in 1988. On the contrary, she has had a mezze of (almost) 46 traditional dishes (careers) served slowly to a background of bouzouki music with the occasional plate smashing for good measure. Dishes (careers) have ranged from vegetarian to fish/meat, from teaching the President’s son in Bogotá, Colombia (1993-1995), to creating the Community Cohesion template at Government Office South East (2002-2004), to serving as a First Aid worker with St Johns Ambulance.

The first female Director of Thanet Community Development Trust (2003-2006) and performance poet at Love Music Hate Racism (2006) and online travel writer sharing a trip to Bhutan with readers on Since graduating in 1988 |Aileen has been to Europe, Canada (Teachers’ Exchange), Colombia (International Schools), Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, USA, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and despite not having a career (regular employment) she is planning a trip to Vietnam in the autumn.

Warwick connections then as now enrich her life and feed her desire to explore new horizons. Alison Bron, Dominic Cooke, Simon Josiffe, Stephen, Laura et al, thanks for being there.

Kendra Collier
BA Politics and Sociology 1989-92
Completed a PGCE at UEA in 2000, spent a year teaching in Kenya, two years as volunteer for VSO training teachers in Tanzania and is now teaching in the UK.
Robert Cousins
BA Theatre (QTS) 1987-91
Rob has just been appointed Lower School Head of Claremont Prep School in Lower Manhattan.
 Christine Cowap
Christine Cowap (née Hill)
BA English and European Literature 1981-84

Christine is currently living in west Cork in Ireland. She is married with three teenage children and works in a pre-school.

Ian Cox
BSc Microbiology & Virology 1988-91
Ian left Warwick in 1991 and did an MSc at Birmingham University. He worked for three years in a clinical research organisation before moving into drugs (pharmaceuticals he hastens to add!) and is currently VP, Pharmaceutical & Preclinical Development at Norgine, where he has been for the last 15 years. Happily married with three kids, living the good life in Northamptonshire with chickens, dog, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, he finds it hard to believe he left Warwick almost 20 years ago...


Adam Dalton
BA English and American Literature 1989-92 and MA English Literature 1992-94
Has published his first novel. Necromancer's Gambit (Author House) is a fantasy book which tells of one man’s quest for his lost soul. Where might it be found in a world of dark magic and political intrigue, when the gods use all creation for their battleground?
Emmanuel Dommergues
Economics 1998-99
Emmanuel, an Erasmus student from France, decided to move into public transport planning after graduation. Today he works for the public transport organising authority of Paris and the Ile-de-France Region, called STIF. As a transport planner, he is in charge of the extension of several lines of the Paris métro. In particular, extending métro line 14 in order to solve the congestion problem of métro line 13 (unfortunate line, unfortunate number).
Joanne Entwistle
BA History 1984-87
Has recently completed an MBA (with distinction) at the University of Chester.
 David Food
David Food
PGCE 1982-83
David has now returned to Warwick as a lecturer and external supervisor in the Warwick Manufacturing Group. Specialising on all things supply chain. He now finds myself sitting in the library for the first time since 1983. His life is now wide and varied chaplain, university lecturer, business consultant, church minister and ethics consultant - life is very full!
Alison Graham-Wells
BA Law and Sociology 1986-90
Alison is a barrister at Exchange Chambers (Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds), specialising in tax, commercial, chancery and administrative law and living in Cheshire with 6 year old son. Happy.
Colin Grahamslaw
BSc Mathematics 1988-91
After working in various Scottish sporting bodies over the last 15 years Colin, who was Students' Union Sports Officer 1991-92, has recently been appointed Secretary General of the World Curling Federation one of only a handful of Brits to hold a position like this in an international sports federation.
Iain Grainger
Full Time MBA 1988-89
Since leaving Warwick Iain has enjoyed a career in the oil and gas industry. He recently spent a couple of years in Houston, Texas as Commercial Director of Subsea7's North America and Mexico business unit. He is currently Vice President of Corporate Strategy based in their London head office.
David Griffiths
BA Sociology with Social Administration 1981-84
David is currently working with Tesco to help define, design and implement new payment systems at the point of sale and at the back end. He is also working outside Tesco on taking contactless payments to the next generation with the development of mobile payment systems.
Sara Grimshaw
BA English and Theatre Studies 1980-83

Following graduation, Sara studied at RADA and has gone on to work in stage management with rep theatres, as a BBC prop buyer trainer, as freelance TV prop buyer and as a prop buyer for the National Theatre.

Holly Hicks
History, University of California San Diego Education Abroad Program 1995-96
Has been mastering vacuuming to hip hop music, providing healthy meals, and feng shuing the home. She can be found on Facebook under and looks forward to making new friends and keeping the old.
Howard Jackson
MBA 1982-83
Formed warehouse club consulting firm HSA Consulting LLC based in US with operations in North and South America. Also joint venture partner with NY based PE firm to acquire warehouse club assets in Latin America. Recently diversified into Factor Finance as US sales agent for Bibby plc to their retail, consumer goods and industrial clients.
Kingsley Kalonda
MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering 1986-88
After completing his MSc Kingsley returned to Malawi, Africa. He is now working as Director of Technical Servies for Malawi Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre which is based in Blantyre, southern part of Malawi. Malawi Industrial Research is a governmental institution which is working closely with the manufacturing industry in Malawi.
Gaynor Keeble
Gaynor Keeble
BEd (Music & English) 1981-85

Gaynor is enjoying a very busy performing career and combines this with adjudicating at singing festivals all over the country and teaching privately and Warwick, thus maintaining her links with the University.

Eve Lechner
Eve Lechner
BA Theatre Studies 1987-90

After getting her MBA and working as a professional matchmaker for the last five years, Eve has entered a new intuitive profession and is a tarot reader, offering readings over the phone and Skype at


Jason Lee
BA Comparative American Studies 1988-91 and MA Cultural History 1992-93
Jason is Head of Film, Media and Creative Writing at the University of Derby. Cambria Press, New York, has just published his book Celebrity, Pedophilia and Ideology in American Culture.
Andy Lord
BSc Computer Science 1984-87
Andy has journeyed from computers to theology, having just completed his third theology degree (PhD), building on his book Spirit-Shaped Mission. His current day/evening/weekend job involves leading three churches in Nottingham.
Paw Gee Loung
BSc Biochemistry 1980-83
Lawyer turned artist, she has just opened an art gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Located at the Capsquare Centre in central Kuala Lumpur, the Art Loft aims to provide a platform for artists to showcase their works in any medium.
Xin Maddux (née Gao)
MBA 1987-88
Has three beautiful children. Living in St. Petersburg, Florida, she owns a granite and cabinet company. Owned a warehouse of 34,000 square feet but unfortunately an electric fire burned down half of it. She is now rebuilding the other half. How much more excitement could a 46 year-old have?
Marina Milner
LLB 1985-88
Marina has recently moved to Hong Kong where she is working at an international law firm, as a learning and development manager.
Tom Mulligan (now Jayaraja)
BA PE and Drama 1981-85

Jayaraja has just had a book of play published, co-written with a friend, entitled The Yellow Book of Games and Energisers.

Cambridge Onoh (formerly Sandra Onoh)
LLB 1986-89

Cambridge is about to publish a new book under her pen name Alex Stranger-Onoh. Entitled Brown Plague it is a romantic story with a political and racist theme. It can be purchased from Amazon or bought from most bookshops from March 4th 2012.

Cambridge first graduated in 1989 from the law department when she was usually known as Sandra Onoh to her friends (officially, Chinelo Alexandra Onoh). She has since changed her name to Cambridge and has returned to Warwick where she will be completing her Masters in Writing in July 2012.

Lai Bing Pang
BEd 1988-90
Lai Bing is the mother of two children, one of whom is studying in the UK. Lai Bing is teaching in a secondary school. Although teaching teenagers is a challenge she enjoys her job.
Nalini Parsotam
MA EnglishLanguage Teaching 1988-89

Nalini has been working at the University of Cape Town for several years in a project doing teacher development work in underprivileged schools. She would love to hear from ex-classmates and also Gosford-Westwood friends during that time.

Andrew Pinto

Andrew Pinto
BSC Microbiology and Microbial Technology 1987-90
Andrew has started a new business with his wife,, which helps busy parents who are stuck in a rut at mealtimes and caught in the cycle of serving up the same dinners ad infinitum. Next stop, 'Dragons Den'!!
Kulbinder Kaur Pouni (née Bains)
BSc Microbiology and Virology 1984-87
Is deputy headteacher of a large (700+ pupil) challenging, inner city school in Birmingham. Since the beginning of 2009, she is also working for three days a week as a Transforming Education Officer. This will be contributing to Building Schools for the Future (BSF) to ensure changing technologies and pedagogy are integral to future school sites. BSF is the biggest-ever school buildings investment programme. The aim is to rebuild or renew nearly every secondary school in England.


Michael Punter
BA English and Theatre Studies 1987–90
Recently had a play running at the Hampstead Theatre ( Darker Shores is a ghost story set during the Victorian period and stars Julian Rhind-Tutt (BA English and Theatre Studies 1986–89) and Mark Gatiss.
Nishit Shah
Nishit Shah
BEng Manufacturing Systems 1989-92

Currently living in Toronto, Canada and married to Sheila Godse. Nishit visits the UK about once a year and would love to reconnect with people who he has lost touch with over the years.

 Ashok Kaushik
Ashok Sharma (now Kaushik)
MSc Information Technology For Manufacture 1987-88

Ashok works in London for a software house specialising in FX and treasury systems. He is married with two children and has stayed in touch with a couple of Warwick friends, looking forward to a reunion at Warwick at some point in the future.

Wendy Shaw
BA English and American Literature 1984-87
In August 2008 Wendy was appointed to teach English in the Greek primary education system.
Alan J Smith
BA History 1981-84
Alan taught in a private school before finishing his working life as a civil servant at the Ministry of Defence. He has been retired for over 13 years but is extremely busy and he likes that! He now spends his days doing voluntary work, gardening, reading and teaching some history in the Leonard Cheshire Home. In addition, his church keeps him busy.
Carl Smith
BA History and Politics 1983-86

Carl is head of Rutland County College, a sixth form college in Rutland. He is married with three children. Carl has written a number of books on education and became the first Advanced Skills Teacher in the UK in 1998.

Robert Taylor
MBA 1989-90
Robert is still at Sheffield School of East Asian studies, teaching Chinese management, with a view to assisting graduates to target Asian markets.
Moussa Thiaw
MA English Language Teaching [Overseas] 1989-90

Moussa has been teaching English since graduation from CELT in 1990. He is now a ‘Conseiller Pédagogique’, the equivalent of a teacher training still teaching in two classes. He was a Fulbright grantee/scholar and taught French at Brimmer & May School in the United States in 2007-08.

Samantha Turner
BA English and Theatre Studies 1984-87

Samantha is living in north London, married with three children. She is a primary school teacher - spending most of her time working in mainstream schools with children with special educational needs. She is not involved with theatre, but would love to go more! She still enjoys reading and writing. Prior to teaching Samantha worked in PR and journalism for a few years. She would love to hear what people she knew are up to.


Chrissie Twigg
MBA 1986–88
Founded Healthier Weight ( in 2003. Her company offers weight-loss programmes and a wide range of obesity surgery. Healthier Weight was the first company in the UK to insert a gastric band through a single incision.
Sheila Vince
BA French and European Literature 1981-84

She volunteers at Coventry Refugee Centre once a week and enjoys meeting Warwick students who are there on placements. Occasionally her French comes in useful too!

Steve Weatherall
Steve Weatherell
BSc Physics 1980-83
Steve is living in Luxembourg, his eighth country since leaving Warwick.
Peter Weston
BA Economics & Politics 1988-91
Married since 1998. Two children (3 and 6). Working for GE Energy Financial Services in London.
Paul Whiteside
Paul Whiteside
BA Classics and Ancient History 1987-90
In his fifth decade and Paul has just made a career move in a totally different direction. In September, he started his own fashion design business - Bodice Beautiful. Check it out at:
Amanda Wilson BA
History 1986-89
Amanda has spent 20 years' working in academic publishing and marketing. She recently completed an MBA.
Stuart Winchester
BA English and American Literature 1982-85

Stuart is co-convenor of Sociologists Outside Academia and on the conferences committee of the Green Party

Kerry Wood
BA History and Sociology 1987-90

Kerry has 13 years of teaching and lecturing experience gained from various educational settings. She also has a strong record of helping learners to achieve good examination results at key stage four and five and enjoyed working in a retail environment, early years settings and volunteering in a heritage sphere.

John KF Yeung
BEd 1981-82
John has already retired from a subsidized school in Hong Kong after being a school head for 30 years. Now he spends most of his time skiing. He looks forward to seeing some of his colleagues in Hong Kong.

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