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The University is sad to announce the deaths of the following alumni and extends its condolences to their friends and families.

If you have any memories or photos that you would like us to include here, please email them to the alumni association.

Roy Bracher
BA Economics 1968-71
Mary Butler
Certificate in Education 1969-72
Sylvia Chimicz
Certificate in Education 1963-66
James Cobbett
Bachelor of Education 1969-73
Roger Doodson
Certificate in Education 1966-69
Michael Hammett
BSc Molecular Sciences 1965-68
Kathleen (Kate) Heasman
BA English and American Literature 1967-70
Eileen Heawood
Certificate in Education 1962-65
Stuart Hoggar
PhD Mathematics 1965-69
Patricia Johnston
BA Economics 1966-69
Kevin McLintock
BA Economics 1969-72
John Norris
BSc Management Sciences 1968-73
Terence O'Shea
PhD Molecular Sciences 1965-70
Geoffrey Peake
BA History 1965-68
Jennifer Perks
Certificate in Education 1960-63
James Robertson
PhD Engineering [PG] 1968-71
John Rule
PhD Social History 1965-71
Stan Sosabowski
BSc Molecular Sciences 1965-68
Derek Thompson
Certificate in Education 1966-69
Janet Thurston
Certificate in Education 1960-63
Diana Twist
BA Philosophy 1968-71
Anthea Watson
BA French Studies 1965-68
Peter Wedderburn
BSc Mathematics 1969-72
Rosemarie Wells
BA English and American Literature 1967-70
Howard Weston
MA Economics 1967-73
Margaret Weston
Certificate in Education 1961-64
Kenneth Wing
Certificate in Education 1967-70
Thomas Wyer
MA Philosophy 1965-68