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The University is sad to announce the deaths of the following alumni and extends its condolences to their friends and families.

If you have any memories or photos that you would like us to include here, please email them to the alumni association.

Carol Adair (née Brown)
BSc Microbiology and Virology 1978-81
Anthony Astle
MEd 1975-77
Norman Ayers
BA Philosophy and Sociology 1977-80
Philip Barnes
BEd 1971-75
Natalia Bastock
BA History 1972-75
Cheryl Benjamin
BA Sociology 1975-78
Roger Birchall
PG Dipl in Sociology 1978-79
Galba Bright
LLB Law 1976-79
Gary Bryant
BSc Mathematics and Computer Science 1972-75
Ian Campbell
BA Theatre Studies 1977-80
David Clegg
B.A. (Qualified Teacher Status)[Sci. Ed.](4 year) 1978-79
William (Bill) J Cole
MA Industrial Relations 1972-74
Jonathan (Jon) Cooper
BA Politics with International Studies 1976-79
Frederick Covins
BA English and American Literature 1977-80
Martyn Dean
BSc Biochemistry 1970-73
Felicite Dormer
BA French Studies 1971-74
Raymond Dyde
LLB 1973-76
Russell Escritt
LLB Law 1975-78
Daphne Ferrigan
BA Philosophy and Literature 1971-74
Peter Gatenby
BA Mathematics 1976-79
Paulette Goodfellow
BA History of Art 1974-77
Clare Gray
BA French Studies 1972-77
Maria Hambridge
MA Sociology 1978-79
Gillian Hardman
MA Industrial and Business Studies 1973-75
Ruth Hayes
BA Philosophy and Literature 1974-77
Gareth W James
BSc Maths & Economics 1977-80
John Jarman
BSc Accounting and Financial Analysis 1979-82
John Kerr-Stevens
BA History and Politics 1971-74
Sheila Leather (née Taylor)
BA (Qualified Teacher Status) 1977-80
Marilyn Makins
BA Sociology 1972-75
Edmund Morgan
BSc Molecular Sciences 1971-74
Sue McMullen
PhD Sociology 1971-75
Allan Nicoll
BA Politics 1970-73
Timothy O’Leary
PhD Industrial and Business Studies 1978-83
Dorothy Parkin
MA Politics 1973-74
Pravinbhai Patel
BEd Education 1973-77
Alan Pearce
MA Industrial Relations 1979-80
Nicola Poole
BA Sociology 1971-74
Robert Purdie
BA History 1976-79
Michael Reynolds
LLB 1976-79
John Saunders
BA History 1976-79 and PGCE 1994-95
John Smethurst
MA Social History 1973-82
Douglas Sumner
BEd 1973-77
Michael (Mike) Sweet
MEd Education 1973–75 and MA Education 1980–84
Neil Talbot
BSc MORSE 1979-82
David Thompson
MSc Mathematics 1978-79
Joan Walker (nee Barfoot)
BEd 1973-77
Christine Wallwork
MA English Literature 1975-77
Helen Walters
BA History 1972-75
Sheila Whitaker
BA Italian and European Literature 1975-78
Deborah Wiffin
BA Economics and Economic History 1974-77
Julia Williams Bewley
BA Philosophy and Literature 1971-74
Frederick Woodward
MA Industrial Relations 1973- 75
David Zane-Morris
BA Comparative American Studies 1976-79