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The University is sad to announce the deaths of the following alumni and extends its condolences to their friends and families.

If you have any memories or photos that you would like us to include here, please email them to the alumni association.

Avtar Abrol
Diploma in Pastoral Care 1982-85
Susan Andrews
BA(QTS) Art and Design (Lower Primary) 1992-96
Joan Aston
Certificate in Teaching Science in the Primary School 1984-85 and BPhilEd 1987-90
Jeffrey Atkinson
LLB Law 1986-89
Ian Barge
MBA 1989-94
Margaret Barrat
Certificate in Religious Education in the Curriculum 1986-87
Richard Baylis
BEd part-time 1984-86
Catherine Benfield
Management Science and Operational Research 1984-86
Mark Bickerton
MSc Management Science and Operational Research 1983-85
Graham S Blott
BA Philosophy 1981–84
Penelope Bonsall
MA Comparative Labour History 1984-86
Alison Brennan
B(QTS) BA [Phys.Ed.] 1982-86
Edwin Bricknell
Cert in Teaching 1981-82
Lyndon Cave-Browne-Cave
MPhil History of Art 1981-91
Niall Chetwood
BSc Computer Science 1986-89
Paul Vincent Clifford
MSc Design Systems in Production 1989-93
Peter Cook
BSc Engineering Electronics 1985-88
Piers Cook
BSc Accounting and Financial Analysis 1986-89
Roland Craigwell
MA Economics 1988-89
Anne Davies
BSc Physics 1988-91
Susan Gaynor Donovan
BPhil Education (Curriculum Development in Sec. School) 1988-89
Joan Draper
MEd 1983-85
Elizabeth Edwards (née Hicks)
MSc Management Science and Operational Research 1985-86
Michael Everitt
MBA 1986-90
Janet Facy
BA Comparative American Studies 1980-83
Jennie Farmer
BA Sociology with Social Policy 1982-85
Elizabeth L Ferguson (née Davy)
BPhilEd (1Unit) 1987-92, MA Arts Education and Cultural Studies 1992-98
Kathleen Gledhill
MA English Literature 1981-83 and PGCE 1987-88
John Goodridge
MEd Education 1986-90
Lucy Granshaw
BA English and American Literature 1980-83
George Ritchie Gray
PG Cert Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1986-87
Peter Randolph Gray
MBA Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1985-89
Helen Green
BA Law and Sociology 1981-85
Christopher Groarke
BSc Mathematics 1983-86
Robert John Hamer
BSc Chemistry and Business Studies 1985-88
Julia S Hartley
BEd Education and Community Studies 1982-84
Molly Howard
BEd Education and Community Studies 1980-81
Jeffrey Hussey
PGCE 1980–81
James Hyland
MEd 1980-82
Carolann Izzard Davey (née Izzard)
BSc Mathematics 1981-84
Alan Johnson
BSc Mathematics 1980-83
Ruth Helen Mary Kinzett
MHist (History) 1989-92
Michael Labrou
MBA Business Administration [MBA] 1988-90
Penny Jane Lacey
BEd Social Studies 1984-86
George Lekeas
MSc Statistics 1988–89
Gillian McCrainor
BEd 1980-82
Kenneth Mallin
MA International Studies 1986-90
Rita Munnery
MA Applied Social Studies 1982-84
Duncan Nicholls
BSc Physics 1983-86
Peter Olive
BSc Physics 1980-83
Anita Pavlovic
BA Sociology 1985-85 and PhD Law 1990-95
Susan Pendlebry
BA Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts 1986-89
Graham Phillips
MBA 1987-90
Philip Pickett
BSc Chemistry 1988-91
Andrew John Plater
BSc Mathematics 1983–86
Simon Read
B.A. (Qualified Teacher Status)[Sci. Ed.] 1984-88 and MSc Science Education 1988-90
George Ronneback
BA History 1989-92
Keith Ruffle
MA Industrial Relations 1985-86
Carol Spellman
BA(QTS) 1987-91
Malcolm Strutt
BA Psychology 1983-86
Paul Andrew Waldron
BSc Computer Science 1987-90
Richard R West
MBS Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1988-92
John Whitworth
MBA 1988-91
Anthony Williams
MEd 1981-84
Peter Wingard
BSc Engineering (Electrical) 1985-88 and MBA Business Administration 1990-92
Vassiliki Zakka
MBA 1989-90