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The University is sad to announce the deaths of the following alumni and extends its condolences to their friends and families.

If you have any memories or photos that you would like us to include here, please email them to the alumni association.

James Laurence Alford
PG Dipl Engineering Business 1992-94, MBA 1994-98
Michael Ludomir Batory
MA Education and Industry 1991-96
Kenneth S Blackbourn
MBA Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1997-2002
Virginia Britton
BA English and European Literature 1990-93
Amanda Brook
MBA Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1995-2000
Lorna J Brown
MA Educational Studies 1993-95
Elaine Penny Buckle
MEd Education [PG] 1990-95
Fran Caldecourt
PG Dipl Business Administration [Modular] 1995-2004
Frederick Chiluba
MPhil Politics [PG Research] 1991-94
Peter Clapperton
PExDipl Engineering Business [IMDS] 1991-93
Margaret Clarke (née Jones)
BA Sociology with Social Policy 1991-94 and MA Social Work 1994-97
Jason Paul Cloke
MBA (evening course) 1998-2006
Elizabeth Davis
BA French Studies 1995-99
Michael Dawson
MPhys Physics [MPhys] 1993-97
Andrew Eaton
MSc WMG UK IGDS Programmes 1995-99
Robert James Elder
MSc Economics (PG) 1992–94
Douglas Ferro
MBA 1994-99
Matthew Fudge
BEng Computer Systems Engineering 1993-96 and MSc Parallel Computing and Computation 1996-97
Mark Gialanze
MBA Business Administration (modular) 1993–98
Richard Rhead Heath
PhD Biological Sciences 1992-97
Jean M Horton (née Matthews)
Dipl Nursing Studies 1992-96
Robert Howells
MPhys Physics 1995-99
Richard H Hudson
BSc Chemistry with Psychology 1994–97
Helen Hunt (née Gardner)
BSc Psychology 1990-93
Susan Jayram
BA Sociology 1994-97
Trevor K Johnson
PGCE (Secondary) Physics 1997-98
Kampta Karran
PG Dipl Race and Ethnic Studies 1991-97
Anthony King
PhD Biological Sciences 1995-2000
Frank Kings
Certificate in Social Studies 1993-94
Daniel Lambert
BSc Mathematics 2001-02
David Lambert
PExDipl Engineering Business 1992-95
Leonard Latiff
MA Continental Philosophy 1999-2002
Timo Mikael Lautanen
PhD Economics 1994-99
Helen Lester
MA Sociological Research in Health Care 1997-2000
Gillian S Lord
MBA Business Administration (Distance Learning) 1990-97
Paul S Marklow
PExCert Engineering Business 1993-96
Sameer Mehta
BSc Economics 1995-98
Jacqueline Metcalfe (née Hamblin)
BSc Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry 1994-97, PhD Chemistry 1997-2001
Tat Lun Ng
EngD Engineering 1993-1997
Philip Nix
BA Historical Studies 1990-96
Pierson Ntata
PhD Sociology 1999-2003
Joanne Nunn
MA Social Work 1995-98
Avril O'Donnell
BA Social Studies 1994-99
Roy Pitcher
BSc Management Sciences 1991-94
Mark Pittaway
BA History 1990-93
Laraine Grant Poulter (née Osborne)
BPhilEd In service (Westminster) 1992-95
Charlotte Reed
BA History and Politics 1992-95
Pamela Jane Roberts
BA Literary and Cultural Studies 1990-98
Christine Roxburgh
Certificate in Primary Diabetes Care 1999-2000
Krysia Saul
BA Social Studies 1998-2000, MA Social Studies 2000-2003
Mildred Smith
BA Historical Studies 1995-2001
Valerie Smith
BA Health and Social Policy 1990-96
Balbir Singh Sokhi
MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering [PG, UK] 1994-95
Jonathan Stannard
Certificate in Further Education 1997-99
Mona Steele
Continuing Education [Open Studies Certificates] 1994-95
Rosemary Strevens
BPhilEd [Westminster College] 1997-2001
Eliska Anne Stransky
PGDipl Literature for Children 1990-93
Bhagya Subramanian
MBA Business Administration [Modular] 1997-2001
Sandip Taylor
BSc Computer Science 1999-2002
Andrew Thomas
PG Cert Medical Education 1994-95
Ekaterini Vakondiou-Davia
LLM Law in Development 1992-95
Anthony W. Walker
BEng Engineering (Design and Appropriate Technology) 1994–97 and MSc Engineering 1998-2002
Christopher West
BA English and American Literature 1990-95
Thomasina Jane Wilne
BA Historical Studies 1999-2004
Peter Wingard
BSc Engineering (Electrical) 1985-88 and MBA Business Administration 1990-92
Alexander Wooldridge
BSc Physics 1992-96