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Warwick in Africa

Warwick Alumna Natascha returns to spend her summer teaching in Tanzania

Our Warwick in Africa programme is usually an opportunity for talented Warwick undergraduates to spend their summer teaching maths and English in our partner schools across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa. But this year alumna Natascha jumped at the chance to go back to Tanzania when one of the team had to pull out at the last minute.

Natascha graduated with a first in Mathematics in 2016 and is now busy teaching in Guildford. During her time here at Warwick she spent two summers teaching Maths in Mtwara, a remote part of southern Tanzania. So when we needed a last minute replacement for this year’s team in Mtwara she was our first call – we were delighted when she said “yes”!

Warwick in Africa is something everyone here at Warwick is really proud of – the idea is really simple. We combine the talents of Warwick students and staff with those of local teachers and learners in our partner schools across Africa. Together, we help improve education and therefore the life chances for thousands of children each year. Our approach has proven to be sustainable with a significant increase in academic results from 42% to 62% after just 6 weeks of teaching. Equally important are the huge improvements we see in the confidence, ambition and motivation of both learners and their teachers. Every year learners tell us how much more confident they are speaking English and how we have helped turn Maths from something they feared into a subject they now love.

Natascha is now settled back into our partner school in Mtwara with a busy timetable and lots of catching up with old friends. She’ll be there until the end of August, and then she’s agreed to join us for a special event for Warwick alumni and friends of Warwick in Africa in Dar es Salaam on 31 August. If you’re in Tanzania please do come and join us, or for the other events we are arranging in Johannesburg and Cape Town in early September. Contact for more information.

She’s loving it all third time around and is finding her experience from teaching here in the UK is coming in very useful!

"My experience thus far in Mtwara has been as exciting as ever. Returning as a qualified teacher and WinA alumna, equipped with my own resources and teaching ideas, I believe I can make a bigger impact in my time here than ever before. Reuniting with so many familiar faces and old friends at my placement school has made the experience all the richer, and it has been fantastic to see the development of the programme and increased confidence of the lead teachers in Mtwara over just 3 years. I feel very lucky to be playing a part in the Warwick community once again and hope this will not be my last involvement with WinA".

To find out more about Warwick in Africa visit