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Warwick weddings

An astonishing 10% of Warwick graduates are married to someone they met at the University. Did you marry someone you met at Warwick? Are you part of a Warwick couple? If so, we would like to start collecting your stories.

Tell us how you met and where you went from here. If you're planning to marry someone you met here, let us know as well.

Addy wedding
Becky Addy (BA QTS English 1999 - 2003) and Neal Dickson (BA QTS Science 1999 - 2003)
Becky and Neal knew each other throughout their time at Warwick and lived in Rootes F and E blocks in their first year. Towards the end of their fourth year they got together and were engaged just three months later! They were married on August 20th , 2005 in Market Drayton.


Akansha Agarwal (BSc Management 2008-11) and Pujan Sumaria Shah (BA Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 2008-11)

It all began in September 2008 on the first day of university. By pure coincidence, their rooms were right opposite each other (although it was only a friendship then). Three years of university passed by as extremely close friends. By the end of it, Pujan was Akansha's 'guardian' at her graduation with this probably being the final goodbye. Little did they know that a couple of years down the line, Pujan would have to make a career move from London to Mumbai, bringing him closer to Akansha. A few weddings and months later and nearly six years since they first met, Pujan decided to pop the question - "Will you marry me"…? and the rest as they say is history!


Abid Ali Shahid (Msc Marketing and Strategy 2011-12) and Sasha Saadat (Msc Marketing and Strategy 2011-12)

It wasn't love at first sight. Abid and Sasha were pursuing the same degree so spent a lot of time together at Warwick but neither of them remember when they met. They were married in Pakistan on 25th December 2014.


Rabiya Akbar Ansari (BSc Economics 2010-2013) and Umair Abid (BSc Management 2007-10)

Rabiya actually met Umair after he had graduated and was working for an investment bank in London. He used to come quite often even after graduation to represent his bank at different events and he still had a lot of friends studying at Warwick. She was also friends with the same people so thats how they met. The first time they saw each other was at an event organised by the Warwick Pakistani Society during Rabiya's first few months at Warwick.

Their dream wedding took place on Saturday, 6th of September 2014 in Serena Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan. The affair lasted for over two weeks and everything was executed perfectly by loving families. Their Warwick family had a huge presence at the wedding. Not only did they play a major role in the celebrations, they also danced till they dropped!

Elli Appleby (BA English and European Literature 1998-2001) and James Clements (BA(QTS) Upper Primary 1998-2002)
Elli and James met in Rootes J Block in 1998 and got married in August 2009. Elli has gave birth to a son, Samuel, in September 2010.

Karen Ard (BA QTS with Mathematics 1997-2001) and Mark Kidd (BSc Mechanical Engineering 1999-2002)

Karen and Mark met at the 'Freestylers' gig held in the Cooler in 2001. Karen only had eight weeks left of her university career whilst Mark went back the following year to finish his third year. They married in 2009 and now have a son, Alfie, born in 2011.

Becci Arnold (BA French Studies with Italian 2005-2009) and John Beresford (BA Sociology 2005-2008)
Becci and John met at the Revelation Rock Gospel Choir in freshers week. They were married in Coventry in March 2014.

Dania Ayarah (MSc Programme and Project Management 2011-12) and Omar Al Assil (MSc Engineering Business Management 2011-12)

Dania and Omar got married just before they started their course and came to study together. They got married on September 15 2011 and arrived at Warwick on September 24 2011. They planned to get married and continue their post graduate studies together.

Judith Bailey (BSc Physics 1968-71) and Ian Hammill (BSc Engineering 1968-71)

Judith and Ian got together in their first term at Warwick taking the combined Maths, Physics and Engineering first year course. They married in Falmouth in 1973 and recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at a surprise party organised by their two children. Thank you Warwick!


Tania Aldersley (nee Barrow, BA French and Italian 2005-09) and Andy Aldersley (BSc Chemistry 2005-08)

Tania and Andy met on the very first day of uni when they both moved into Tocil flat 56. Andy offered Tania a beer so it was pretty much love at first sight! They were married in the Cotswolds in Easter 2016. They met two of their bridesmaids at Warwick! Lara studied French and Italian with Tania and they lived in Italy together, Hollie was in halls with them.

Amy Beasley (BA Politics and International Studies 2006-09) and William Beasley (MPhys Physics 2005-09)
Amy and William met when she and friend and moved in to a shared house with Will and his friends in Leamington. They were married in August 2013 at Worcester College in Oxford.

Simran Kaur Bedi (BSc Economics 2007-10) and Nihaal Khanna (LLB Law 2006-09)

Simran first saw Nihaal in her first week at Warwick University when he was taking part in a dance performance in the Students' Union. As President of the Bollywood Dance Society, Nihaal organised a social event in Leamington Spa where he first saw and spoke to Simran. The lifelong connection continued from this point on.

They got married on Saturday 25 January 2014 in The Grand Hotel, New Delhi, India. Their loving parents organised a dream wedding for them, the celebrations for which continued for one week. They were treated as King and Queen.

A core, and indeed large, part of their wedding guests were friends from Warwick University who, after seven years of true friendship, they now consider family. They thank Warwick University ever so much in playing its part in their friendship and they truly miss their three years of being in the 'bubble'.

Sudha Behuria (MBA 2008-09) and Akshay Maheshwari (MBA 2008-09)

The MBA was a close knit class and Akshay and Sudha used to socialise quite a lot. They were classmates and fortunately in no study group together (and consequently never on each other's nerves). Their relationship started on the dance floor on a Latin night party! They were married in New Delhi in December 2009.

Vicki Benson (BA English and Comparative Literature 2006-09) and David Medina (BA French Studies (2006-10), MA French and Francophone Culture (2010-11)
Vicki and David met in the queue for Top B on Vicki's second night at Warwick and David's first night at Warwick. They were married married in Coventry, at St. Mary's Guildhall, in August 2014.

Betram wedding
Anne Bertram (BA History and Politics 1976-79) and Roger Packwood (BSc Computer Science 1976-79)
Anne and Roger were both living in student houses in Leamington. One night in their first week three boys from Russell Terrace knocked on the door of Breton Lodge... Anne and Roger were married in Grenoside, Sheffield in 1982. Also in attendance were a number of other Warwick alumni: Carolyn Marshall, Rosanna Musetti, Rob McMahon, Steve Cutler and Dianne Richardson.

Celia Berry
Celia Berry (BSc Biological Sciences 1976-79) and John Pickering (BSc Biological Sciences 1976-79)

Celia and John used to meet most mornings running up the East Site path trying not to be late for 9 o'clock lectures, which being hard working scientists they had every day right from their very first week at Warwick. Sometimes John would offer Celia a lift on his motorbike if he was being lazy and riding it up the path and happened to see her. They got together right at the end of the 1st Year.

They were married in Spalding in May 1983. Not only were they Warwick graduates but they were married by a Warwick graduate - Keith Owen (BA History 1976 - 79). He went on to Theology college after Warwick, was ordained, and their's was the first wedding he conducted.

They now have three kids, their eldest Joe is in the 3rd Year of his PhD at Sheffield doing something clever with genes involved in MS, their youngest Lauren is in her 3rd Year doing Medicine at Birmingham and their second son, Stephen, has continued the "Warwick graduates getting together" theme - he studied Maths from 2006 to 2009, and at the end of his 1st year started going out with Debbie Chen-Ham, who was on the same course and also a near neighbour in Arthur Vick. They're still together.

Nateecha Ratanadilok Na Bhuket (LLB 2002-05) and Nattavudh (Nick) Powdthavee (MSc Economics 2000-01; PhD Economics 2001-06)

Nick and Nateecha met in the Thai society at Warwick. He was playing guitar for one of the events organised by the society (Thai Night) and she was singing! They got married in May 2012 in their home town, Bangkok, Thailand.


Bridget Bird (BA (QTS) Music & Drama 1985-89) and James Hickish (BA (QTS) English & Drama 1985-89)
Bridget and James met on 4th October 1989 in their first Creative Writing seminar with Andrew Davies. They were married in Wiltshire in 1991.


Jessica Blomfield (BA History 2003-06) and David Tuck (BA History 2003-06)

Jessica and David met through friends studying the same course and got together after finishing their final exams. They married in April 2014 at Brampton D'Evercy in Somerset. They now have twin boys, Benjamin and Jonathan, born in November 2016. Two of Jessica's three bridesmaids were also Warwick History graduates and Dave's bestman was his housemate throughout university.


Zoe Brigley Thompson (BA English and Creative Writing 1999-2003, MA Gender Studies and PhD English 2004-07) and Dan Thompson (BSc Mathematics 1999-2002 and MSc and PhD Mathematics 2005-09)

Dan says that he saw Zoe read poetry in 2000 at the Student Union Freshblood Drama Showcase, when he was playing in the band 20 Inch Ride, but she didn't notice him. They met years later at a friend's birthday house party in Leamington Spa, and they hit it off straight away. They travelled in Central America together, then both managed to get funding to do postgrad study at Warwick.

They were married in 2009 in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, on the Dau Gleddau estuary where Zoe's family come from. It was a goodbye party too, because not long after that, they moved to the States, and now they both work at the Ohio State University.

Annette Buckman (BSc Computer & Management Science 1979-82) and Russell Plummer (BSc Computer Science 79-82)

Annette and Russell met in the first year of their studies. They attended the same courses and lived in halls at Westwood that year same time (Gosford and Felden). Russell asked Annette out in the bar at Westwood, and their first date was the Valentines Ball in 1980. They married in Stevenage in May 1983.

Lia Buddle (BA English and French 2003-07) and Deb Mitra (BSc Physics with Computing 2000-03, MSc Medical Physics Research 2004-05, Certificate in Person Centered Counselling 2006)

Despite being at Warwick at the same time for several years and having a very close mutual friend, Lia and Deb never managed to get introduced to one another until they met at a WGA alumni drinks event in London in 2007! They have been causing mischief together ever since. They are getting married in London on the 7th September 2013.

Rachel Cooper (BA Theatre Studies 2003-06) and Jamie Ratibb (BSc Accounting & Finance 2002 -05)

Rachel and Jamie met at The Townhouse pub in Leamington Spa. Rachel worked in the pub and Jamie was a regular as he used to live in George Street - and his friends still did in the flat below Rachel's! They moved in together shortly after Rachel left Uni and haven't looked back. They were married at Ardencote Manor in Warwickshire on 30 July 2011.

Rachel Cummings (BSc Psychology 2000-2003) and Rolf Crumpton-Taylor (BA Philosophy with Classical Civilisation 1999-2002 and MA Philosophy and Phenomenological studies 2002-03)

Rachel and Rolf, who met in their third year at Warwick, were married in June 2011. Also in attendance was Rolf's father Leslie Crumpton-Taylor (BSc Engineering & Economics 1965-68) who was one of the first students to attend Warwick.

Irene Daguno (MA Gender and International Development 2009-10) and Tolik Cuharuc (MSc Chemistry 2009-10; PhD in Chemistry 2011-present)

Irene and Tolik met in Tocil flat 04 and got really close when they found themselves doing stuff together like feeding the ducks in Tocil Lake or buying groceries where Tolik would cycle back and forth to also take Irene's weekly supplies to the flat. After studying, they had to separate and go back to their respective countries [Moldova and the Philippines] but luckily the relationship kept on. They are still trying to fix the date for the wedding in England, hopefully in just a couple of months :-)

Philippa Daykin (BA Sociology 2003-07) and Ashley Day (BA Politics 2003-07)

Philippa and Ashley met in their first year. They lived in halls togetherin Rootes Meriden House! They are planning to get married in August 2014.


Hannah Duggan (nee Bowyer) BA Poitics and Sociology 2005-08 and Daniel Roythorne MMaths 2001-05 and PhD 2006 onwards (uncompleted)
Hannah and Daniel met through friends driving them home after a night out at Battle of the Bands 2007. They were married in October 2016 in Bury St Edmunds


Claire Elhaggagi (BA Philosophy 1997-2001) and Khalid Elhaggagi (BSc Computer Systems Engineering 1997-2000)

Claire and Khalid met through RAG in their second year. They were friends from then on and got together officially in Claire's fourth year. They were married on the Hampshire/Surrey borders on 29/12/2004.

Xinbo Fang (MSc Engineering Business Management 2014-2015) and Xiaoyu Wang (MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management 2014-2015)

Xinbo and Xiaoyu met in August 2014. They sat shoulder by shoulder in Group 9 of 2014 pre-session courses for postgraduates and were married on 07/07/2016 in Daqing, China.


Melanie Farrar (BA English and American studies 1993-96) and Matthew Street (BA History and Politics 1993-96)

Melanie and Matthew met on their first day at Warwick as they were in the same Cryfield corridor. They started going out after one month and were married in Hemel Hempstead in 1997.

Kavita Favelle (BA French & History 1991-94) and Pete Favelle (BSc Computer Science 1989-92)

Kavita and Pete probably met through Film Soc - they were both participating members. Pete was a projectionist and Kavita was, for a while, the Publicity Officer. But they also had a lot of mutual friends. They married in Luton in 1994.

Rossana Favero (LLM Law and Development 1993-94) and Kahandawala Karunaratna (LLM International Economic Law 1993-94)

Rossana and Kahandawala both lived in the same building (Arthur Vick) for PG students. She was waiting for a phone call from Peru when a call for one of Kahandawala's classmates came first and she had to look for her at his birthday party. He invited her to the party and here they are!! They got married in Sri Lanka in June 1995 and have two children: Jose Carlos and Harshini.


Bahar Fayeghi (MA International Relations 2015-16) and Alvaro Martinez Rojo (MA International Political Economy 2015-16)

Alvaro is from Spain, Bahar is from Iran. They were both studying at PAIS, so they shared some modules. They first met at United States Foreign Policy class. They were married in Coventry, May 2016.


Barbara Fewkes (nee Seaton, BSc Mathematics 1999-2002) and Adam Fewkes (BSc Computer Science 1999 -2002)

Barbara and Adam met on their first day at Warwick as they lived in the same corridor in Jack Martin 3. They married in September 2005 at Glenalmond College Perth with their reception at the Crieff Hydro. A number of their friends from Warwick attended the wedding, with Paul Hudspith, Keith Matthews and Neale Sutton (all also from our corridor in Jack Martin 3) as ushers.

Sophie Finch (BSc Biological Sciences with Virology 2001-03) and Matt Shields (BSc Computer Science 2001-04)
Since graduating, Sophie and Matt have got married and have a 14-month old son called Daniel. They now live in Frome, Somerset

Sarah Flavell (BSc Biological Sciences 2001-05) and Steve Essex (MPhys 2001-05)
Sarah and Steve met in Cryfield 2 in 2001 when they both started their undergraduate degrees. They lived on the same floor of Cryfield 2 and have been together since their first year. Steve then went on to do a PhD in the Warwick Physics department (2005-2010) and is now training to be a secondary school Physics teacher at Warwick. Sarah completed a PhD in Immunology at Birmingham University and is now a Cancer Research UK Research Fellow at Birmingham University. They became engaged on April 1st 2009 and married in August 2010 in North Yorkshire. The wedding was attended by three other members of Cryfield 2 (2001).

Eleanor Forbes (BA QTS 1984-88) and James Miner (LLB 1984-87)
Eleanor and James met in their first year she was living in Leamington and James was living in Tocil flats. They got married in Cheshunt in 1991. They have four children and live in Jos Nigeria where they run a school called Westwood Park

Chris Gadsby (BEd 1979 - 83) and Michael Mander (BA Education 1980 - 1983)
Chris and Michael took a Comparative Education seminar along with Chris' friend Liz Holford. They started going out at a party at the rugby club and were married in August 1987.

Josefina White
Josefina Galvez Cisneros (MSc in Statistics 2005-06) and David White (MSc in Scientific Computing 2005-06)

Josefina and David met in the laundry room in Claycroft and were married in Puebla, Mexico in October 2009. Other Warwick alumni in attendance were Liz Wareham and Tom Lee-Smith who came out from the UK to attend the wedding. Liz caught the bouquet! Fr. Prem, the University Catholic chaplain, married them in Mexico.


Luying Gan (MA English Language Teaching (Studies and Methods) 2014-15) and Xiaolong Zhang (MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management 2014-15)

They met on 10th August 2014 and lived in Flat 19, Sherbourne during the pre-session courses for postgraduates. Xiaolong's room was next to Luying's. At the end of the course, they fell in love with each other. They were married on 9th September 2016 in Nantong China. They started the relationship on 9th September 2014 - that's why they got married on this date. Their son was born on 23rd Jan 2017.

Jessy Gao (BA Early Childhood Studies 2008-12) and Sam Stafford (BSc Physics 2006-09)

Sam was a freshers helper assisting new arrivals to settle in. They joined the same society (Free Hugs) and he played in the Symphony Orchestra in Westwood where Jesssy lived in the first year. They started with a cup of tea and went on to get married in September 2013 in London.


Andrea Garford-Tull (nee Tull, BSc Psychology 2001-04) and Robert Garford-Tull (ne Garford, BSc Engineering 2003-07)

Andrea and Robert met on the path behind the sports centre. It was thanks to Lois Bright, a set of keys lost in the grass, the French language and a brilliant night at the Union that Rob and I met.... and the rest is history! They were married on 30 June 2007 at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.

Sukriti Gaur (MSc Finance 2010-11) and Sushant Nayagar (MSc Information Systems and Management 2010-11)

Sukriti and Sushant met at the Terrace Bar in November 2010 where both of their friends dragged them to attend a Bollywood Night in the Copper Rooms. There was no looking back after that! They got married after 14 months on 17 February 2012 in New Delhi, India! It was very quick, but right!


Jasminder Ghuman (BA English Literature and Creative Writing 2001-04) and Darren Kenneally (MMath Mathematics 2001-05)
Jasminder and Darren met in their first year: they were on the same corridor in Jack Martin, sharing amongst many other things, a love of Tocil lakes. They were married at Ravens Ait, Kingston-Upon-Thames on 10 August 2013. The tables were named after places on campus that were special to them including Jack Martin, where they first met. Their daughter, Rose, was born in January 2017.

Nathalie Gough (BA Comparative American Studies 2004-08) and Alexander Lucas (BA Economics 2002-05)
Alex left Warwick the year Nathalie started but they met in her fourth year when he returned to campus for a recruitment event! He knew Nathalie's friend who introduced them. They were married in Bath in May 2013 - with lots of Warwick alumni in attendance!

Louise Green (BSc Psychology 2001-04; MA Organisation Studies 2004-05 and Henry Ashton (BSc Mathematics (with intercalated year) 2001-05)

Lousie and Henry knew each other throughout their time at Warwick, living in Rootes B & A in their first years and Tocil in their final years but they didn't get together until after they had both left and were once again living in close proximity in Oxford. They got married in Oxford in September 2010.

Katie Hale (BA French with International Studies 1990-93) and John Read (BA French with International Studies 1989-93)
Katie and John met through mutual friends. Katie did the course in three years so joined the year above for the final year. They met on October 24th 1992, got engaged January 30th 1993 and were married on 25th June 1994 at St James Church, Coventry

Rhian Hansen (BA History of Art 2005-08) and Benjamin Brunt (Mmath 2005-09)

Ben and Rhian met in Rootes accommodation, became friends and started a relationship in the second term of the first year. They got married in South Wales in November 2013.


Durr-e-sameen Hashmi (BSc Psychology 2009-12) and Hasan Ahmed

Soma and Hasan met through Zainab, who also did her undergraduate in Warwick. Soma is a really close friend of Zainab's and Hasan is Zainab's brother. They remained friends during Warwick and met every now and again as Hasan used to visit Zainab, and so Warwick, very often.

After her undergraduate studies, Soma went on to pursue her Masters in London, where Hasan was also pursuing his Masters. They both started spending a lot more time with each other and established a connection that Hasan decided to materialize into something more real. He asked Soma out, and after six months of dating, Hasan proposed to her for marriage. He did a flashmob proposal for her in Convent Garden, where he popped the question by dancing to Bruno Mars' 'Marry You'. It was spectacular, she just had to say yes!

They had their destination wedding in Dubai at Atlantis, The Palm on April 20th 2016. It was a fairy tale wedding - she looked like a Princess waiting for her Prince who did a great job at sweeping her off her feet, really! They were the most magical three days for them and for all their guests. The wedding witnessed a massive reunion of Soma and Zainab's Warwick batch at Atlantis! The wedding was honoured with a lot of other alumni from Soma's year and she was surely on top of the moon to have everyone she wanted to see at her wedding.


Stephanie Hay (BA English and Theatre Studies 2002-05) and David Wickes (BA Philosophy 2000-03, MA Continental Philosophy 2003-05)

Stephanie and David met through the Music Theatre Society. They were married in June 2015 in Peckham, London.


Jessie Head (BA History of Art 2008-11) and Robert Head (BSc Physics 2008-11)
Jessie and Robert were introduced by a mutual friend on a night out during their first year. They got together later that year and got engaged during the Easter holidays of their second year - 2010. They got married in Poole in June 2013.

Georgia Hinchcliffe (BA English and Theatre Studies 2005-08) and James Montgomery BSc Engineering and Business Studies 2005-08
Georgia and James met in a bar in Leamington Spa in during their first year. They got married on October 26th 2013 at Milton Abbey School in Dorset with lots of alumni in attendance.

Maxine Hinks (BA Philosophy 2004-07) and Richard Beech (BA Accounting & Finance 2003-06)
Maxine and Richard met at a Wing Tsun demonstration during her first week at Warwick after which they quickly became very good friends. They moved in together near Leamington after University and got engaged in 2010. They were married in July 2011 in south Shropshire.

Kay Hodgson (BA(QTS) 1985-1989) and David Gilbert (BSc Economics 1985-88)
Kay and David lived next door to one another in year one in Rootes. They were married in Cirencester in July 1995

Caroline Houchin (BA French with International Studies 1999-03) and George Wellen (MMath 1999-03)
Caroline and George met in the fourth year at Warwick through mutual friends. They got married in July 2012 in Brighton.

Junhui Huang (BSc MORSE 2004-08 and MSc in Business Analytics & Consulting 2008-09) and Mark Paradine (MMath 2005-09)
Junhui and Mark met at Warwick Badminton club sessions and subsequently at the Maths & Stats building, often in the computer rooms! Their marriage was solemised in Singapore in December 2010. They are hoping to return to Warwick where they first met.

Meng-Chiu Huang (MA English language teaching and multimedia 2006-07) and Mikhail Lim (MSc Economics 2006-07)

Meng-Chiu and Mikhail met at the beach party in the Students' Union in June 2007. They were married in Alamty, Kazakhstan on November 12th 2012. Most of their Warwick friends in Kazakshtan were at the wedding.

Clare Huggett-Smith (BA History 2003-06) and Tim Smith (BSc Physics 2003-06)

Clare and Tim met in halls in their first year and have been together ever since. They were married at Hotel du Vin in Brighton on 29th May 2011.

Fiona Hutchinson (BSc Maths 2005-08) and Ben Hutchinson (BSc Management Sciences 2004-07)

Fiona and Ben were in the same squash coaching class, and got to know each other better as they were both members of Warwick Mixed Hockey club. They were married in August 2013 in Chagford, Devon. Most of the Piglets hockey club (mixed hockey alumni) were there to celebrate their big day, as well as some of the previous SU sabb officers who knew them well (Nic Warrington and Katie Chevis), plus partners and friends from their courses.

Frances Ironside (BEng Electronic Engineering 1989-92) and David Addison (BSc Computer Science 1987-1990)

Frances and David met in Jack Martin 3 in its very first year of opening. David was on campus for my last year and Frances was a Freshman. They started dating after Easter and got married as soon as Frances graduated. They married in August 1992 in Crawshawbooth, Lancashire as David had a job in Manchester. Later they moved to Bristol, had four kids and emigrated to Seattle, Washington in 2010.


Carolann Izzard (BSc Mathematics 1981-84) and Paul Davey (BSc Computer Science 1982-86)

Carolann died in Sussex in October 2016 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990. In 1996 she and Paul had got back together after an eight year gap. Making up for lost time they married the following year and had two daughters, Phoebe and Mollie. Carolann’s MS was largely in remission until 2007 when a progressive decline became apparent. She became severely more physically and mentally disabled but retained her sweet nature and personality until very late in her illness.


Izzy Jepps (BA History 1979 -82) and Andrew Barnard (BA Politics 1978 -81)

Izzy and Andrew met in the bar at the airport lounge - both had come back to uni a few days early after the New Year in 1980. They were married at St Peters Church Broadstairs in July 1982.


Caroline Jones (BA History of Art 2009-12) and David Robertson (MEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 2009-13)

David and Caroline both lived in Bericote Hall in Westwood as freshers and were in rooms opposite each other. They went on to live together in their subsequent years at Warwick and have just bought their first house. David landed his dream job in aerospace at Rolls Royce and Caroline is a primary school teacher. They were married in December 2014 at the Kingscote Barn in the Cotswolds. More than 20 Warwick alumni were attendance. They always talk about what an amazing job the accommodation team did matching them all up and they are so grateful to them for introducing them to what have become their best friends. All those that came to the wedding they were with in Bericote as freshers. Two of them were even bridesmaids! They see each other all the time and really are a big Warwick family.

Rushda Joomun (BSc Discrete Mathematics) and Kartik Joshi (MEng Civil Engineering with Business Management

Rushda and Kartik met on the Piazza and were married in July 2016, London.

Emma Kendrick (BA English and American Literature 1995-98) and Matthew Meadows (BSc Mathematics 1995-98)
Emma and Matthew met in O block of Rootes via a mutual friend. They were married in Rayleigh, Essex in April 2004. In attendance at the wedding were several maths and English alumni plus a number of old housemates.


Kanika Khakhar (BA Law and Business 2008-12) and Jaikaran Singh (BSc Management 2009-12)

When Jaikaran came to check Warwick out prior to accepting his offer in 2008, they met through common friends. For the first couple of years they were just casual friends but as it turns out Kanika's course required her to do an additional year in Warwick. Little did they know that her additional year would change her life! They started dating in January 2012 and have been doing long distance for the past 4.5 years -He's from Delhi and she's from Bombay. On 10th July 2016 Jaikaran surprised Kanika at the Warwick Piazza (along with her sisters and best friend), got down on one knew and said " Will you marry me?.... Please say yes!"

Sophie and Nick
Sophie Killick (BA Hons (QTS) 2000-04) and Nick Smith (MEng Electronics 2000-04)

Sophie and Nick met in a crowded room-at the Airport Lounge! They met through a mutual friend. Sophie took one look at Nick and said, "I'm going to marry that man!". They were married in Royal Tunbridge Wells on 12th August 2006.

Assel Kulybekova (MBA 2009-10) and Cesar Malacon (MBA 2009-10)

Assel and Cesar met when they were working in the same project group. They married in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2011.

Mei Ling Kuo (MA English Language Teaching 2001-02) and Steve Shipway (BSc Mathematics 1987-91)

Mei Ling and Steve met online and discovered that she was attending Steve's old uni. So, Steve went for a visit and it was love at first sight (yeah, cheesy, but it happens). After dealing with the many problems of families, country, culture and language everything worked out in the end. They were married in Taiwan in 2002 (twice) and in New Zealand. Their first wedding was at a Taiwan registry office in July (the legal requirement - and the legal prerequisites are very complex), then in her family's village in August (the social requirement), then in New Zealand with a Western ceremony in September.

Sneha Lalwani (BSc Management 2006-09) and Karan Katariya (BSc Management 2007-10)

Karan and Sneha met on the Warwick campus in 2007 and were married in Goa, India on 3rd April 2013. The wedding was attended by lots of the Warwick family and everyone had a wonderful time! Their friends wish them both all the happiness.


Ellie Levitt (BA Classics 2002-06) and Steve Smith (BSc Biochemistry 2002-06)

Steve and Ellie met on the dance floor in the Marketplace at the Xmas party at the end of their first term. He was wearing a musical tie and brandishing plastic mistletoe and will never understand why Ellie gave him her number that night but she did and the rest is history! They were married at Buxted Park in December 2010 and have two beautiful children, Olivia (born 2013) and Jude (born 2015).

Naomi Lewis (BA History 2000-03) and Peter Lewis (BA Politics and International Studies 2000-03)

Naomi and Peter met in 'Score' on a Wednesday night. They were married on the Isle of Man in 2007.

Muxiu Li (MSc Instrumental & Analytical Methods in Biological & Environmental Chemistry 2009-10 and PhD Chemistry 2010-14) and Yunhua Chen (PhD Chemistry 2009-13)

Yunhua and Muxiu were both working in the Chemistry Department and his office was just next door to hers. They were married in Coventry in August 2014.

Kelly Lyons (PGCE Early Childhood Studies 2003-06, Early Years) and Mark Hutton (BSc Maths 2002-05)

Kelly and Mark were both members of many Music Centre societies and the Lifesaving club. Friends whilst students they actually got together a few years later when Mark was living in Leamington and Kelly was living on campus again as a Subwarden. They were married in May 2013 in Northamton. There were many alumni in attendance. Two bridesmaids, the best man, three ushers, the photographer, the organist, the band and probably half of the guests!

Debbie MacDonald (BA Politics 1984-87) and Adam King (MA History 1981-84)

Debbie and Adam met on a bus (Oct 1984) destined for Coventry city centre on her first day as an undergraduate. Debbie was being adventurous by heading off-campus to a gig at Cov Poly (as it was known then) with fellow fresher, Julia Mortimer (BA English and European Lit). Adam was a first year History MA student at that time. They got chatting and it turned out that he and his friend were going to the same gig! They got married in August 1996 in Winslow, Buckinghamshire.

Jo Manville (BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 2004-08) and Daniel Hough (BSc Mathematics 2004-07)

Jo and Daniel met at the Colly, Coventry in their second year.They were married in Box, near Bath, in 2010 and live in Devizes, Wiltshire. Jo's bridesmaid was Tasha Knight who studied Maths with Dan and there were three tables full of Warwick alumni at the reception!

Leanne Marvelley-Glyde (BA Theatre Studies 2005-08) and Andy Glyde (BA Politics 2005-08)

Leanne and Andy both lived in Arthur Vick in their first year. Leanne was in Kitchen 11 and Andy was in Kitchen 12. Through friends, they got to know each other and starting going out in second term. Their first date was ice skating at the Coventry Skydome!

Helen Mason (BSc Physics 1995-98 plus PGCE 1998-99) and Lee Russell (MPhys 1995-99)
Helen and Lee met on the first day of their Physics course! They were married in Dudley in 2005

Madeleine Mason (BA History of Art 2007-10) and Jack Lawson (BA History of Art 2007-10)

Madeleine and Jack met in their first year of studying Art History at Warwick and became friends through a mutual interest in travelling. Madeleine lent Jack a book about Fiji. They got married at Crockwell Farm in Northamptonshire in April 2013 and quite a few other Warwick alumni came too.

Mazlin Mazlan (BEd TESOL 1987-91) and Rohimmi Noor (BEd TESOL 1987-91)

Mazlin and Rohimmi shared the same birthdate so they decided to celebrate their 18th birthday together. It was held at the memorial park Coventry. They attended the same college at Henley, Coventry and later were admitted to Warwick together

They were married in Malaysia on 14 February 1992. This year, 2017, marks their 25th (silver) anniversary and at the end of this year they will be celebrating their 50th birthday.

Becky McKay (BA History of Art 2005-08) and Filip Tanay (BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics 2005-08)

Becky and Filip met behind Rootes on the fields enjoying an unusually lovely summers day, Filip was 'slack lining' and Becky was admiring!! They were married in Lovranska Draga in Croatia in September of 2010. They were lucky enough to share their special day with a number of friends from Warwick, including one of Becky's bridesmaids and two of Filip's ushers.


Carys McMahon (BSc Chemistry 1981-84) and Andrew Sterling (BSc Physics 1981-84)

Carys and Andrew met in 1984. They both lived in Redfern Flats in their third year, had mutual friends, did an Education course together (and sat near each other) and then spoke while walking to a lecture. The rest they say is a mystery! They were married at Scunthorpe Register Office in 1993.

Li Mingqian (LLM International Economic Law 2007-08, exchange) and Terry FitzGerald (MEng Mechanical Engineering 2004-08)

Li and Terry first met each other at a Tocil gathering in his final year and started dating soon after enjoying coffee together in the library cafe, films at the student cinema and walks around the campus. After graduating in 2008 Terry relocated to China to stay by Mingqian's side.

They were married in 2010 and held two ceremonies, one in the heart of Beijing and the other in Paphos, Cyprus. Mingqian gave birth to their first child, Aniela, in October 2014. Having shared some of our most precious memories on campus we give our heart felt thanks to the University, its alumni and faculty.

Claire Morris (BSc Physics 2006-2009) and Daniel Knowles (BSc Mathematics 2007-2010)

Claire and Daniel were married in Leamington in July 2011 in Leamington Spa. They met at the Warwick Christian Union and had many fellow alumni in attendance.

Ros Mott (BA History 1993-96) and Nick Kaijaks (BSc Physics 1991-94, MSc Physical Methods 1994-95, PhD Physics 1995-2000)

Ros was in the orchestra for a show, Nick was singing one of the lead roles. The MD was a mutual friend and introduced them. They kept on bumping into each other after that, and finally hooked up on a Music Centre trip to Eastern Europe. What went on tour, didn't stay on tour! They were married in Biggleswade, August 2001 and live in Leamington Spa with their two daughters.

Liz Munro (LLB Law 1979-82) and Steve Choat (MSc Operations Research and Management Science 1979-80)
Liz and Steve met in Rootes Residences. They were in the same flat, so met right at the start of their life at Warwick. They were married in 1983 in West Yorkshire. Liz qualified as a solicitor and Steve worked for Pilkington. In 1998 they moved to Australia and are now Australian citizens, living in Melbourne.

Alison Musker (BA French Studies 1981-84) and David Alexander (BSc Mathmatics 1981-84)

Alison and David met while they were living on campus first in Cryfield and then Tocil . At their wedding in King Charles Church in Tunbridge Wells in 1998 there were loads of other Warwick alumni in attendance. They now live in Hong Kong with their 11 year old daughter, Bronwen, who will no doubt go to Warwick one day!

Suhaizura Mustapha (BEd TESL 2009-2012) and Muhammad Syahir Muhamad Sabri (MEng Mechanical Engineering 2009-2013)

Muhammad fell in love with Suhaizura on seeing her for the first time during a fresher's house warming in October 2009. They were married on 31st May 2014 in Kelantan, Malaysia.

Ed Shardlow
Carolyn Myatt (BA QTS 2003-07) and Ed Shardlow (BSc Psychology 1997-2000)

Carolyn and Ed got engaged in Times Square, New York and married on the 11th August 2012 at Aldermaston Manor, Berkshire. Ed and Carolyn met during a fire alarm evacuation at the student union in January 2007 and the rest is history.

Pankhuri Nagalia (MSc Marketing & Strategy 2008-09) and Abhishek Chopra (MSc Marketing & Strategy 2008-09)

Pankhuri and Abhishek met for the first time at the orientation in New Delhi before the course started and didn't know they would end up together for the rest of their lives, at that time. They were in the same class at Warwick and hung out together before, during and after classes. They officially started dating on the last day of the first semester. They married in February 2013 in Jaipur, India

Mary O'Doherty (BA History & Politics 2001-04) and Marek Sroka (BSc Economics 2001-04)

Mary and Marek first met when he ran for SU President in 2003. Mary was working as a runner for student radio and had to take candidates from the Union so they could be interviewed. He didn't win the election but she remembers going home that night and kicking herself that she hadn't asked him out. So relying on his unusual name she looked him up on the uni email and asked him out! They went on their first date to Xananas in Feb 03 and got married in September 2010 at Tonbridge Castle.

Amy O'Donnell (BA Politics 1990-93) and Martin Brummitt (BSc Maths 1991-94)
Amy and Martin met in Warwick Students' Union in May 1993 and got engaged that August. They were married at Burgh House, Hampstead in London on 30th May 1998. 13 years later, they have two boys, Tim (11) and Sam (6) and currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne. Several alumni were in attendance at their wedding: Pete Baldwin and Emily Turnbull (now Baldwin - another Warwick couple!), Deborah Gray, Marisa Bailey, Rob Grimshaw, Russell Down, Antony Adler, Eylan Ezekiel.

Weronika Orkisz (MA Social Research 2008-9 Erasmus Exchange) and Elgars Felcis (MA Social Research 2008-09)
They met on their MA Social Research programme. Because of the programme and extra-curriculum events they managed to understand that there is way more in common than they both thought at the beginning. They got married on 6th August 2011 in Krakow, Poland after more than a year of a UK-Poland long distance relationship. They are living in Poland since and have had two Warwick students to be - Emilia (2012) and Marcel (2014).

Laura Owen (BSc Biomedical Sciences BSc 2008 - 11) and Alex Chamberlain (MMath Mathematics 2008-12)
Laura and Alex lived on the same corridor in JM2 (Kitchen 7). They were married on 11 July 2015 at St Thomas' Catholic Church, Canterbury

Feriel Palia (LLB Law 2005-08) and Philip Jackson (MMaths 2005-09)

Feriel and Philip met through Romit (a very close friend at Warwick) in London a week before Feriel graduated and Phil began his final year. They got married at the Samode Palace in Jaipur, India March 1st - 3rd, 2014. Romit spoke at their wedding and Phil's father married them.

Kim Parker (BA History and Sociology 1981-84) and Gary Harrison (BA Economics 1981-84)

Kim and Gary met n the kitchen at one of the Cryfield Flats. They married at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff on 12th July 1986.

Laura Parry
Laura Parry (MMORSE 2002-06) and James Fordham (BSc Mathematics and Physics 2004-07)
Laura and James met in her final year at Warwick and were together for over six years before getting married in May 2012.

Jen Pearce (BA French with Italian 2007-11) and Phil Hodgson (MMaths 2005-09)

Jen and Phil were introduced through a fellow Warwick student, Jen's brother Rob. They were married in Beverley, East Yorkshire in May 2015.

Andria Phesia (MA in English Literature 2006-07) and Jesus Cervantes (MSc in Manufacturing Systems 2006-07)
Jesus and Andria met through common friends at a kitchen party while staying at Lakeside residential halls. They got engaged in July 2010 and were married in 2012 at which quite a few fellow Warwick alumni were in attendance.

Katy Pilcher (BA Sociology 2004-07 and PhD Sociology 2008-12 and David Hodges (BSc Mathematics 2004-07)

Katy and David met at Top Banana in the last two weeks of their final year. They've been together ever since and have lived together in London for the past three years. They got married in October 2012 in Essex.

Neha Rajesh (MSc Marketing and Strategy 2010-11) and Antariksh Srikumar (MSc Engineering Business Management 2010-11)

Antariksh and Neha met during their first week at Warwick while waiting in line at the Student Reception, University House. They both lived in Heronbank, and after many parties at the SU, library dates and and midnight Tesco trips, realised they were in love. Five years into their relationship, Antariksh proposed to Neha in London in January 2016. They got married in November 2016 and had a big south Indian wedding in Chennai, and an intimate civil ceremony at the Mayfair Library in London.

Johanna Rhodes (BSc Computational Biology 2005-08, MSc Systems Biology 2008-2009, PhD 2009-12) and Anthony Nash (MSc Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells, PhD 2009-13)

Johanna and Anthony met during the first year of Johanna's PhD and the first few weeks of Anthony's MSc. There was a bit of rivalry as they were in two different departments in the same building, studying different things but it sparked up the initial conversation! They were married in April 2012 at the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.


Sarah Rivers (MEng Mechanical Engineering 2005-09) and David Sowerby (MEng Electronic Engineering 2005-09)
Sarah and David met in November 2005 at "Off Banana" in the Graduate, Students Union. Sarah and Dave both lived in Rootes. Dave proposed in 2009, and they got married in September 2011 in West Sussex. In November 2015 they celebrated their anniversary and pregnancy back at Warwick!

Clare Robinson (BA Modern German Literature 1976-77) and Chris Robinson (MA Sociology 1976-77)

Clare and Chris met finally at a disco (Chris was DJing) in the Union Building - he asked her to dance - but apparently he had spotted her at various random events and locations around the campus and had already decided they had a lot in common!

They got married in Clare's home town of Middlesbrough in 1978 and went to live in Chris' home town of Plymouth where they are still based and run a publishing company - Pen & Ink Publishing. Their son, Ben Robinson, also went to Warwick (06-10) and is still with his girlfriend, also from Warwick, Hannah Smith. They are working in London. They have not mentioned wedding plans yet but travelled around South America together for a year in September 2014.

Nurul Fatiha Romali (BEd TESL 2009-13) and Ahmad Ammarsaid Ahmad Halimi (BEd TESL 2009-13)
They met during their foundation years and were together throughout their years in Warwick. Most importantly, they were in the same class. They were married in Malaysia in September,2014

Rebecca Rosser (BA Classical Civilisation 2007-10) and John Finlayson (BSc Physics 2008-2011)

Rebecca and John met on Valentines' Day 2009 through an event that John and a mutual friend, Augusta, were organising for singletons! They started dating about a year later after getting to know each other as friends. They got married on 14th July 2012 at Westwood Church, on Westwood Heath Road with around 45 Warwick alumni in attendance.


Katherine Ruddlesdin (BA History of Art 2005-08 and James Whitehorn (BA Economics 2005-08)

Being on the Warwick Netball and Football Teams, it was strange that their paths hadn't crossed sooner. In the end it was inevitable that they finally met in their third year - close mutual friends were delighted when they got together and they celebrated our finals in style. They went on to travel together in 2009 across New Zealand and South America. Katherine and James married in 2012, once James was qualified CA and Katherine a qualified Art teacher following a PGCE. It was a ridiculously hot day on August 18th in Surrey where they had the best day of their lives. Plenty of the Warwick contingent were at the wedding (in the wedding parties too with Gemma Petrides as bridesmaid and Ben Wilmot as groomsman). Happily married since and most recently, in 2015, they welcomed baby Joshua into the world.


Melanie Russell (BA Law and Sociology 1984 -88) and Mark Blyth (BA Law 1984-87)

Melanie and Mark met a party at the end of their first year. They were married in Bristol in 1989.


Jenny Ryan (BA French and History 1999-2003) and Kaya Elkiner (MSc Computer Systems Engineering)

Jenny and Kaya met in their second year whilst Jenny was working in Sozo gift shop. Her co-worker Catherine White had lived next door to Kaya in Westwood in their first year and she set them up on a blind date... They got married in London in January 2010, nine years after they met. Both the best men were from Warwick, as well as three of Jenny's bridesmaids and about 25 of the guests...


Sania Saeed (BA Law and Business 2006-09) and Husayn Reza (LLB 2006-2009)

Sania and Husayn met for the first time at Husayn's birthday (start of 2nd year) at 55 Kensington Road, Coventry. Their journey began thereafter. They were married in Lahore, Pakistan in April 2012. Most of their friends from Warwick joined them for their wedding celebrations and made it a memorable occasion.

Suhani Sanghvi and Karan Ghuwalewala (both Bsc Accounting & Finance 2006-09)

Suhani and Karan met on campus, were friends from their first year, flatmates at Redfern in their third year and are now engaged. They tied the knot on November 20 2013 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Hickman Scott
Francesca Scott (MA Pan-Romanticisms (2007-08) and PhD English (2008-11) and Richard Hickman (MSc and PhD in Systems Biology (2007-11)

Francesca and Richard met at a welcome event for the Postgraduate Society, in the SU (only a week after they started their postgraduate degrees). A week later they had their first date at The Grad (now known as The Dirty Duck) and Varsity. They both went on to do PhDs at Warwick, and now live and work in the Netherlands - Richard is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Francesca is a Lecturer. They got married on the 18th August 2012 at Ampleforth Abbey and Gilling Castle in North Yorkshire.

Helen May
Helen Sinclair (BA French Studies 1995-99)

Helen met her husband James May through her friend and flatmate and his sister, Tara Verrell (n�e May, BA English & Philosophy 1995-98). They were married in February 2008 at the Lion Quays Hotel in Shropshire. Also in attendance were fellow alumni Tara and Katrina Chesney (now Day) (LLB 1995-98).


Julie Stokes (BA French Studies with Politics 2005-09) and Jack Rivers (BA French Studies with Italian 2005-09)

Julie and Jack met during their year abroad as Erasmus students in Grenoble. They became close friends before becoming a couple around a year after graduating. They were married on July 25th 2015 on the Isle of Wight. There were enough alumni in attendance to have a Warwick Table at the reception!


Christy Suresh (MSc Engineering Business Management 2009-10) and Ross Haigh (MSc Environmental Bio science in a Changing Climate 2009-10)

Christy and Ross met at One World Party through a mutual friend. They were married in Feb,2013 in Kerala, India.


Bekmurat Talipov (MPA 2010-11) and Aigerim Mashekova (MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering 2010-11)

They met on their first day, when Aigerim arrived to Warwick Heronbank in October, 2010. It was wonderful time: studying, travelling, shopping... they were best friends and did almost all of this together. However, he asked her "Will you marry me?" much later (in 2012), when they were back in Kazakhstan and when he finally understood that she is not only his best friend, but also HIS BEST HALF!!! They were married in July, 2012 in Almaty city, Kazakhstan.

Emma Thompson (BSc Chemistry with Biological Chemistry 1984-87) and Mark Wootton (BSc Chemistry 1984-87)

Emma and Mark attended several lectures together during their first year but got to know each other in their second year and have been together ever since! They were married in 1990 at the Church of St Mary The Virgin, Little Burstead in Essex.

Simin Tian (MA in Social Research 2011-12) and Yile Liu (MSc in Computer Science and Application 2011-12)
They first met each other in October 2011 at an alumni birthday party held in X'anana. They fell in love at first sight. Two month later in Varsity, he asked her to be his girlfriend and she, a little bit drunk and burning with fever then, said yes.They got married on the first day of 2015 in Simin's hometown of Zhuhai, which is a peaceful coastal city in China.

Helena Tolman (BSc Physics 2002-05) and David Hersey (BSc Physics 2002-05)

Helena and David met through a mutual friend in their first year. They became friends in 2004, lab partners in their final year and were married in August 2008 at Dunchurch Park Hotel in Rugby. Other alumni in attendance included Nathan Barrow (MPhys 2002-06), Robert Ashton (BSc Physics 2002-05), Thomas Evans (BA Ancient History and Classical Archaeology 2002-05), Andrew Spooner (BSc Physics 2002-05, David Balson (BSC 2002-05), Andrew Corfield (BSc Mathematics 2002-05) and Justin McCall (BSc Physics 2002-05).

Molly Tuppen (BA Psychology 2011-14) and Joshua Scotton (BSc Computer Science 2008-12)

Molly and Joshua met at Pop! and are planning to get married in 2015.

Alexandra Vickerstaff (MMORSE 2003-07) and Edward Smith (MEng 2003-06)
Alexandra and Edward met at the Freshers' Ball in week 1 term 1. The next week she transferred halls to the corridor next to Ed's in Jack Martin 4 (although he cant take credit for the move!). They lived together in Leamington in years 2 and 3 and were really good friends, but it wasn't till after graduating that they got together. They were married in July 2012 at Stoneleigh Abbey.

Nikki Wanless (BA English & Latin Lit 2005-08) and Joe Davison (BSc Maths 2003-06)

Nikki & Joe first met in a tiny room in the Music Centre when Nikki auditioned for a Music Theatre Warwick production of Fame, for which Joe was musical director. Nikki didn't get the part... but eventually forgave Joe and married him in 2009, after doing many other MTW productions and Wind Orchestra concerts together, and moving to London after graduating and setting up their own music production and recording studio Auburn Jam Music. They live in Raynes Park with their dog Jonsi and rabbit Gregory, and they spend lots of their time with Warwick friends-for-life. They were married in Barnes in August 2009 where lots of friends from Music Theatre Warwick and the music centre were in attendance, and even played and sang for the evening entertainment, and Joe's friends from Benefactors were part of our big day too.


Elizabeth Wareham (BA Classical Civilisations 2002-05 and MA Ancient Visual and Material Culture 2005-06) and Tom Lee-Smith (BA French and German Studies 2002-06)

Elizabeth and Tom met in their first year, on the stage at Top Banana. They were married at Holy Trinity Church Beckenham and held the reception at the Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich.

Frances Warrington (BA English literature 2004-07) and Christopher Duggins (BSc Computer Science 2004-08)

Frances and Christopher met at Top Banana in the second week of the first term! They've spent every week together since then. They recently got engaged in San Fransico and are planning to get married late 2013.


Sarah Whittaker (BA English and European Literature 1980-83) and Bill Breckon (BSc Maths 1980-83)

They first met in the summer of their second year because they had a mutual friend in Krishna Alageswaran. They met properly in January 1983 at a meal in an Indian restaurant down near the station in Coventry because Bill drove them there as it was raining and Krishna didn't want to cycle. At that meal they fell in love and got engaged six weeks later. 33 years later they have two children and a boat and Bill is still a mathematician and Sarah is a mindfulness, meditation and self compassion teacher. They were married in 1991 at The Abbey, Sutton Courtney with several Warwick alumni in attendance.


Lauren Wild (BA Theatre and Performance Studies/MA European Cultural Policy 2006-10) and Joe Howell (BA/MA History (2005-09)

Lauren and Joe met working together in SU restaurant Xananas in 2008. They married in March 2016 at Oxleaze Barn in Gloucestershire.

Hin Kwan Wong(PhD Engineering 2009-13) and Hui Niu (PhD Engineering 2011-)

Hin and Hui met in the School of Engineering. Chinese PhD students are a tightly knitted group but he was never part of it because his Mandarin was abysmal (he is from Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese). He met his wife through her friend who would come to horse races with him and his supervisor. Apparently he was well known in among his Chinese peers though he was never able to mingle. He started taking his wife hiking and they fell in love in Brussels and Paris when she came to visit him when he was working with the university in Brussels.

They first had a grand marriage in the home town of his wife in China with over 300 guests he'd never met which was a bit overwhelming. They had a more homely wedding at the lovely building of the Coventry registrar office on the 6th March 2014.

Katy Wood (BA English and French 2003-07) and Aadil Qureshi (BSc Computer Systems Engineering 2003-06)

Katy and Aadil were in the same halls - Bericote. Aadil wooed Katy with his guitar playing, pasta'n 'sauce and pirated films. They got married this summer after nearly 10 years together.

Lucy Young
Lucy Young (BA Law and Sociology 2001-05) and Stuart Griffiths (BA Economics 2001-04)

Lucy and Stuart were married in July 2013 at St Andrew's Church, Cromhall. They met in 2004 while both still students at Warwick and are now enjoying married life together in Kenilworth.

Joanna Woods and Philip Broadey

Joanna Woods (BA 2005-08, MA English Literature 2008-09) and Philip Broadey (MPhys 2005-09)

They both lived in Arthur Vick in the first year, Joanna was in the kitchen above Phil's. The first night they met, Phil was too busy washing up his favourite frying pan, Excalibur, to pay that much interest in Joanna! However, they got to know each other better after that. They met during the year abroad as Erasmus students in Grenoble.

Phil and Joanna got married in April 12th 2014, on board HMS Gannet at the Chatham Dockyard. They now live in Bexley and have an eighteen-month daughter, Julia.

Yunyi Zuo (BSc Management 2010-13 and MSc Marketing & Strategy 2013-14) and Zhaohui Wang (PhD Politics and International Studies 2013-present)

Zhaohui and Yunyi met in the Chinese Society basketball team at Warwick. Yunyi had been the team manager since her first year of undergraduate study at Warwick. Zhaohui joined the team as shooting guard after he began his PhD. They enjoyed their time working together in the Warwick Chisoc basketball team. They got married on 24 December 2014 in their home town, Quanzhou, China. They are now living together at Coventry.