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Mosaic 2013


Celebrating the 65th anniversary of teacher training and education at Warwick

Mosaic back coverReaching the 65th anniversary of anything deserves celebration – not just of the endurance of that institution but of the people who created, inspired and maintained it. When those 65 years have been full of success and achievement, recognition is due to all those involved.

Teacher training and education at Warwick is 65 years old. To mark this milestone we have produced this special commemorative edition of Mosaic. For many Mosaic was the College magazine. We hope that this special edition will be something of a trip down memory lane as well as an opportunity to learn something new.

The City of Coventry Training College was born out of the shortage of teachers caused by the Second World War. The baby boom meant that more teachers were needed urgently and the huge increase in young children required more infant school teachers. In those days it was expected that infant teaching would be done by women. That is why for the first years of its existence the College was women-only. Those first few women were true pioneers. They arrived in a city still recovering from the war and created an enduring educational institution out of very little. Under the inspirational guidance of Joan Browne (and later Gordon Lawrence) the College survived and thrived until its merger with the University of Warwick in 1978.

This magazine celebrates the ‘College’ years of teacher training and education from 1948 to 1978. It has come a long way since that time. A lot has changed. In fact almost everything has changed; from the buildings on the campus to the content of the training to the schools in which our graduates teach. Teaching itself has changed out of all recognition in those 65 years. One thing which has not changed though is the commitment to equipping our students with the skills to be the best teachers possible. Whether the name above the door is City of Coventry Training College, Coventry College of Education, Warwick Institute of Education or the University of Warwick, that commitment will never change.

Thanks to the spirit created at the College, there is a thriving alumni community and reunions take place on a regular basis. We would encourage any alumni to consider putting together their own reunion event. For more information on doing this please email Building this alumni community has been a challenge. College records were only recently rediscovered and from as little as 88 names, Juliet Amery (née Leeson Certificate in Education 1955-57) has now tracked down over 2,100 education alumni and former staff. Without her efforts, this celebration would not be happening.

Even as we celebrate this anniversary we look to the future. Education at Warwick is going to change and arrangements for education will see the Institute of Education being succeeded by a new Centre for Professional Education and a new Centre for Education Studies. However, change has always been a very important part of our success and we look forward to many more years of teacher training at Warwick. More information about these changes can be found here.

Best wishes

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Claudie Combelas,
Head of Alumni Engagement


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The College Years reunion:
19 October 2013

The Early Years
The Changing Student Experience


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