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Maria Tsanis - Argentinian alumni ambassador

Course: MA in Globalisation and Development (2005-06)
Interests: International politics, travelling, skiing
City of residence: Buenos Aires/London
Contact details: metsanis at hotmail dot com

Who were your tutors?
I had Politics of Global Finance with Professor Tim Sinclair; Globalisation and Development with Professor Iain Pirie; Democratisation and Development with Professor Peter Burnell.

Do you have any fond memories?
Professor Sinclair's classes were simply the best.

What are you doing now?
I am currently sharing time between London and Buenos Aires

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I had an amazing experience at Warwick and wanted to share it with other potential Warwick grads!

What kind of people make up the alumni community?
We are all from different backgrounds: Law, Economics, Business, Political Science...

What kind of events do you run? Do you get a good turnout?
It varies but we always have a good time!

Contact Maria if you want to attend or suggest an event in Argentina or want to make contact with the alumni community there