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Pa Modou Sillah - Gambian alumni ambassador

Course: Pa Modou Sillah
City of residence: Brikama Employer: Caravan of Mercy
Interests: Reading, gardening, Scrabble and computers.
Contact details: jakombah at yahoo dot co dot uk

Who were your tutors?
I was at Warwick from 1995 to 1997. My tutors were Professor David Tall, Adrian Simpson, Dr Janet Ainley, David Pratt, Stephen Baldwin, John Cunnington and Dr Christen Heward

Do you have any fond memories?
I used have lots of fun around campus. Especially the parties organised by the African Caribbean Society.

Where did you live?
Anchor House, #7 Park Road, Coventry and Westwood Campus.

Were you a member of any societies?
The African Caribbean Society

What are you doing now?
I am the overseas coordinator of a British charity named Caravan of Mercy. We help the poor and needy with food clothing, educational projects, medical aid and provision of safe drinking water for rural communities.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
Since my graduation, I had been trying to sell Warwick to potential Gambian students because of the quality of education at the University. Having an alumni community here will be of great help to both the members of the community and to the University. I would love to organise activities and events where we can invite potential students to share our experiences. This cannot be done without forming an alumni association locally. Our coming together will also build a bond between us and our families.

Have been back to Warwick for a reunion? Two years ago I visited Warwick and was amazed by the rapid development that has taken place on campus especially the Students' Union building

Contact Pa if you want to attend or suggest an event in The Gambia or want to make contact with the alumni community there.