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Ryuta Kono - Japanese alumni ambassador

Course: MBA (distance) 2005-08
City of residence: Tokyo
Interests: Sports: golf and skiing. Wine, food, art. Music: rock and classical. Travel, books.
Contact details: ryutakono at gmail dot com

Who were your tutors?
My tutor was Grier Palmer

Do you have any fond memories?
I was an MBA distance learning student and had two study friends in Tokyo. We often gathered to study together. Because of that, even though studying distantly, I didn't feel lonely. One of the friends has also become a volunteer for Warwick alumni in Japan.

What's your job?
I am running my own consultancy focusing on marketing and branding.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?
I was asked to do so by Warwick when I attended the graduation ceremony at Warwick.

What kind of people make up the Warwick alumni community in your area? Are they expatriates or locals?
Warwick alumni in Japan are a mixture of Japanese people and people from abroad working in Japan

What sort of events do you run?
We have held several events so far. The turnout is not bad but we can expect more numbers if we can promote the event effectively.

Contact Ryuta if you want to attend or suggest an event in Japan or want to make contact with the alumni community there.