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David Kao

Course: MSc in EBM 2000-01
City of residence: Taipei, Taiwan & Hemel Hempstead, UK
Employer: G-Cloud UK LTD
Contact details:

Who were your tutors?
Dr Amanda Dowd was my personal tutor – she was really great!

Where did you live?
I lived in Claycroft 3, Flat 23, Room 2.

Were you a member of any societies?

  • The President of ETCC-JC (The Council Of Taiwanese Chambers Of Commerce In Europe - Junior Chapter)
  • The President of TCCE-JC (The Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in England – Junior Chapter)
  • The Secretary-General of TCCE (The Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in England – Junior Chapter)
  • The Regional Director of JCI-UK (Junior Chapter International - UK)
  • The Executive-member of the Council of Cambridge University Taiwan Alumni Society
  • The Executive-member of the Council of Warwick University Taiwan Alumni Society

Anything else you care to add?
After finishing the WMG full-time MSc in EBM in 2001, I joined Dell UK for a one-year internship then returned to Taiwan to join the ASUS HQ to work as the Senior Manager of Laptop/Netbook Product Manager & Sales Marketing Dept. I've been honoured to lead a team to develop the Global 1st one Multimedia Notebook, UMPC, and Netbook; then I got the chance to enter the HP APAC PSG as the Market Development Manager; after couple of years I obtained a great chance to enter the University of Cambridge to study the MBA as my 2nd master degree in 2007. Previously I was with NGE Group for 6 years at the Senior Management Level as the Business Unit Head. Currently I am the Managing Director & CEO at G-Cloud UK LTD.

Since returning, I have been one of the most active alumni in Taiwan, taking time to meet as many alumni as possible. I was surprised to find out that there are nearly 1,000 alumni in Taiwan and that number is still growing. All the alumni that I met had the same desire, that was for more events, but the network lacked organization at a grass roots level. I also spent a lot of time with my other alumni network at Cambridge and learned a thing or two about how they were organizing their network and events in UK and Taiwan, tricks which I would put to good use.

There were the occasional Warwick Taiwanese events every few months in Taiwan & in UK; and but there was a need for more. So, keen to do my bit for Warwick and for all the alumni in Taiwan, I took it as my pet project. Every year I will go back to Warwick at least twice for meetings with our new Taiwanese students to share the experience and listen up to their queries and advices. I can't believe how much Warwick had grown and expanded when I visited there every time, I even had to ask directions many times!

After I joined the Warwick Taiwanese Alumni Society in Taiwan in 2002, I started to set up a communications platform, to get people interested in this society and in knowing each other better before we started organizing events. I have been asked, ‘Why did you do it?’, and the answer is quite simple, that I have met some of the best people across Taiwan who, within such a short period of time, have become some of my dearest friends and associates.

The alumni I have met so far are from many walks of life, and positions. We have everyone from the CEOs of listed companies to retirees (very early retirees I have to add) and entrepreneurs. A good mix and a great bunch of people who all love the events and the networking.

My time in Warwick has helped me establish a strong network of friends with whom I am still very closely acquainted and I deeply miss the campus life. I can definitely say each day spend in Warwick was worth it. From my experience this is a really great way to meet people who have common interests and backgrounds. You get what you put in and I am getting a lot out of this so far. Definitely worth the energy.

Contact David if you want to attend or suggest an event in Taiwan or want to make contact with the alumni community there