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50 year reunion dinner on campus - 17th October 2015

hallsThe University of Warwick is delighted to invite the class of 1965 back to campus to celebrate our 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion there will be a reunion dinner on Saturday 17th October at the ‘East site’ (now Warwick Medical School) with music and menu to reflect those heady days of ’65.

During the day please call in to Radcliffe House Lounge to meet up with your fellow 1965 alumni between 10.00am and 6.30pm. We are putting together a small collection of memorabilia and photographs, including some of the original copies of the 1965 student newspaper, Giblet, for you to look at. All contributions will be gratefully received so if you have any items you would like included in the display please do bring them with you. Ensure you mark anything you bring in some way to make sure you can take your cherished memories away with you afterwards. If you can’t make it during the afternoon, just bring your items to the reception desk at the dinner venue in the evening.

The evening will commence 7.15pm with a drinks reception followed by a three course dinner. Dinner is now fully booked but there is still room at the drinks reception. If you would like to attend the drinks reception you can book your place here.

Overnight accommodation, if required, will be available in Radcliffe at a discounted rate of £87 single room £105.00 double/twin and can be booked here.

The reunion takes place during the centrepiece of our 50th anniversary celebrations: the Festival of the Imagination. The festival is two-day event taking place over the weekend of 16th and 17th October 2015 and will feature an interactive research zone, talks and debates, taster classes, street performance, a food market, cooking demonstrations and more. Further information is available here.

There will also be a drop-in centre in the National Grid Room in the Arts Centre during the day for all Warwick Alumni so come along and say hello to the Alumni Team.

We look forward to welcoming you back in October.

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