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Warwick launches autumn certificate programme

cllThe Centre for Lifelong Learning is offering a diverse range of one year certificates and 10 week courses this year. Many of the courses carry university-level credits while others do not include assessments – allowing you to study without the pressure of assignment deadlines.

Among our new certificates this year are World War 1, Banned Books, Applied Psychology and Globalisation in the 21st century. To ensure we’re offering a varied and engaging programme to suit everyone whether you are looking to study for interest or professional development, we are also reintroducing our non-accredited 10 week courses. Subjects offered include Short Story Writing, Mindfulness and Democracy, Ethics and Media. To see the full list of courses and to hear taster vidcasts from some of our tutors, visit the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

We’re also delighted to offer you a new and exciting opportunity to study alongside full-time students on our 10 week accredited interdisciplinary courses offered by IATL, the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning. Visit the website for full details.