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Warwick crowned most digitally-savvy university

digThe University of Warwick is the UK's most digitally savvy university according to a recent survey by Virgin Media Business. Warwick tops the survey when it comes to using online communication channels, scoring 92 per cent for our use of intranets, virtual tours, and social media presence to attract students.

The research compared the top 20 universities for Computer Science and IT according to The Guardian’s Good University Guide 2013 and found that, of the 65 per cent successfully using new media to communicate with and engage students, Warwick came out on top.

Tony Grace of Virgin Media Business said:

Universities are huge organisations. Our research shows the top universities are acting just like a successful private organisation would. Over 99 per cent of all 18-24 year olds in the UK use the internet, so universities need to be making the most of new media tools to boost application numbers by interacting with students on whole new level.

These results show British universities really understand the need to engage with students using a variety of communications tools. Our universities remain amongst the most digitally savvy on the planet. In the near future, education will be underpinned by technology and connected by data, increasingly drawing on the gaming world to engage students in lectures and seminar."

Ken Punter, Head of Digital and Online Communications at Warwick said:

We’re honoured to be awarded the title of the most digitally savvy university in the study. For us, digital communication is a key medium - not just for addressing students and potential students but for a vast range of international audiences that are crucial for a globally connected University such as Warwick.”

Warwick's digital communication channels include:


A free service providing access to interviews with academics, programmes about research at the University, lectures, teaching materials and content from our student community.


Access to information and videos from Warwick, including news, lectures, interviews with researchers and information about events on campus, plus films produced by students and academics at Warwick.


The official online Facebook presence for the University.


Comment, news, updates and events from the university community.

Knowledge Centre

The digital gateway to Warwick's world class expertise, research and learning.

Online Communications at Warwick

If you're interested in finding out more about digital communications at the university you can contact the following departments: