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Alumni skating and socialising in Moscow

What about catching up on February 7th?

According to some brief Facebook voting, many alumni have said that they would like to go skating and have some fun in a pub.

With this in mind, I would suggest that we catch up in one of Moscow's best pubs - the Scotland Yard - which is within walking distance of the 'Hermitage' ice rink. Those who would like to skate would be able to enjoy a bit of skating and then join the others for a drink in the pub.

Kindly note that space at the pub has already been booked under my name (Anastasia) starting from 7:30 pm. There are no time restrictions for visiting the ice rink. Guests will need to take care of skating, food & drink costs themselves.

Hurry to register via TimePad and grab your seat! 

Looking forward to seeing you there.