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Family fun English session and a few songs…

Peter Blegvad is inviting parents and their children to join him for an evening of wistful and literate songs about astral travel, feelings of solitariness and loneliness, and finding ‘The Marvellous in the Everyday’ on Wednesday 21st November at 6.30pm. Suitable for all ages (from 7 to 70!) with an inquisitive mind.

Peter Blegvad is an Honorary Teaching Fellow at The University of Warwick and writer, graphic artist, songwriter and broadcaster. As leader for one of the creative writing courses for IGGY, Warwick’s global educational social network for gifted teenagers, he has worked with students and writers in Singapore and Botswana as well as the UK. As a broadcaster, he has supplied BBC Radio 3 with many dozens of ‘eartoons’ since 2002, winning a Sony award for them in 2003.

Sometimes the surprise in Blegvad's work is how straightforward he sounds. Given his CV… you might expect something less FM-friendly… . Yet the oddness is revealed in subtle twists and turns and the Lewis Carroll-like wordplay ....

The Guardian

Join in the fun and raise money for IGGY, Warwick’s educational social network. Tickets cost £5 per person or £10 per family with all proceeds being donated to IGGY, helping provide free access to disadvantaged students and schools.

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About IGGY

IGGY is a social network designed to help gifted young people realise their full potential. It gives members access to great educational resources and encourages them to work with top academics and other gifted young people around the world.

You can find out more about the event by emailing Rachael Swann 

For more information on IGGY visit the website