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A Step Change for Education Research and Teaching at Warwick

The coming year will see a significant step change for the discipline of education at Warwick as we embark on a programme that will reorganise, build on, and invest in some of our core capabilities. This will ensure that we have an invigorated discipline that will see increasing student numbers and new programmes of internationally respected research that will draw on firm links across the whole of the university.

The new arrangements for education at Warwick will see the Institute of Education being succeeded by a new Centre for Education Studies, and a new Centre for Professional Education.

The proposed new ‘Centre for Education Studies’ will be a Trans-disciplinary Centre sitting between the faculties of the University that would reinvigorate education research at Warwick through stronger research engagements with cognate and related subjects. The Centre will maintain strong relationships to funding agencies, schools, and local, national and international partners, and would also retain a link to the professional education of teachers.

The new Centre for Professional Education will support the development of the University‘s Initial Teacher Education provision to become a National Centre of Excellence and will also be a key part of the University’s wider vision for a person-centred professional portfolio of courses, delivering internationally-renowned training and development programmes.

The Institute will continue to run in parallel with the new Centres until they are fully operational. More details on these new developments will be on the Institute’s web site as they become available.