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Paris career development meet up

The Paris career development meet up this year will be 20 minutes by train from Gare de Nord on Saturday 21 June 2014 from 12h30 - 15h.

After that, you can stay and enjoy the garden and lake for the rest of the afternoon or visit the well-known Enghien les Bains spa town on your way back to the station.

The talk will be in English. The main speaker is Yannis Samothrakis, lawyer at Clyde & Co (Avocat à la cour), but we hope that everyone will contribute actively to share their own experience and points of view on the following themes & questions:

  • Networking: what is career networking? Is there a difference between personal and professional networking? What is the point really? Does the answer differ depending on where I am in my career(s)? Will my 674 contacts on LinkedIn get me a job for sure?
  • CVs and cover letters: good practice for CVs and concrete examples of what not to do. How to get the recruiter's attention (for all the good reasons), focus on the cover letter – some concrete examples. Does the rule of great numbers apply to recruitment, i.e. should sending 1000 CVs get me a job for sure?
  • If you want, you can bring your own CVs or cover letters for review.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend. Cost will be about 10 euro (depending on numbers), which will include a buffet lunch and drinks in the garden (weather permitting). Please note that this meet up will be postponed to after the summer if fewer than 15 participants.