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Running for Mayor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run for political office, even for Mayor of London, up against the strong party machines and public profiles of Boris, Ken, Brian and Jenny?

Come and hear Siobhan Benita, Warwick Alumna and first time politician talk about her experiences:

  • Why she stood
  • The ups and downs of the campaign trail
  • What she got out of the process
  • Why she is determined to do it all again

Finally placing 5th, Siobhan was the highest placed independent and only 0.68% behind the Greens in third place and 0.36% behind the Lib Dems.

Demonstrating, picketing and occupying are tactics doomed to failure in an age where what matters is harnessing the power of social networks, right?

Wrong, according to John Parkinson, Associate Professor of Public Policy at Warwick. John will talk about why physical action still matters in politics, why London is both good and bad at providing space for political action, and why we should care.

John’s talk will be a rich, multi-media presentation of some of London’s obvious and not-so-obvious spaces where the public engage in the issues that matter to them.

This event is for anyone who lives in, travels through or is interested in London, democracy and politics.


  • 18:45 Soft Refreshments
  • 19:00 Welcome
  • 19:05 Speaker sessions and Q&A
  • 20:30 Close then networking and chat at a local pub

Places are limited, book yours today.