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WBS careers event

shardCome and join us at an all-day careers event on Saturday 16th May at The Shard. You are welcome to attend only for the morning and/or the afternoon, which consist of the following three sessions:

Morning sessions

A choice of:

  • Breaking into finance at different levels, or
  • Diversity awareness workshop

Afternoon session

  • Leadership and decision making for teams under pressure’

The event starts at 9am and will finish around 4pm. Each session costs £20 alone or £30 for two sessions. Lunch will be provided for those people booked onto two sessions. There will be a mixture of alumni, MBA and masters students at this event, so it will also be a great opportunity to network.

In the morning, you have a choice of two sessions: the first with Richard Smith, ex-JPMorgan and experienced IB careers consultant, who will be talking about how you can change your career within the financial world, followed by a 1:1 CV/careers session with Richard. WBS will then run two sessions on ‘Breaking into Investment Banking’ and ‘Breaking into Private Equity’.

At the same time as the finance session, Katie Day, a training consultant specialising in corporate leadership, values, vision and communication, and global speaker on women in business, will run a half day interactive and informative workshop that will quickly raise your awareness of diversity within the workplace and generally. It will provide food for thought and a balanced view of how to incorporate diversity within your everyday life without getting bogged down in political correctness.

In the afternoon, we will be running a session on Leadership & Decision Making for Teams Under Pressure. This session by Piers Carter will be an exciting mix of stories, images and critical success factors derived from working with and interviewing leaders and team members of business teams, aid agency workers, medical and military people, sports men and women and emergency services to name but a few. The interviews reveal a series of success factors which will help you and your team build resilience and achieve success in pressured situations.

Registration is required for all sessions (and each page has a link to the other sessions if you wish to attend more than one):