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GE Breast Cancer Innovation Lab

pink_ribbon.jpgGE Healthcare Breast Cancer Innovation Lab

in collaboration with Warwick Healthcare Partnership

Tracking the breast cancer pathway from early detection to end of life monitoring.

15th – 18th April
Scarman Conference Centre
University of Warwick

During the three day workshop GE delegates will:

  • Experience the breast cancer pathway by following the patient journey from screening to survivorship or end of life;
  • Interact with all the key players in the delivery of breast care to include all physician disciplines, technicians, administrators and patients
  • Collect insights and identify pinch points along the care pathway and opportunities for improvement in service delivery, workflow and technology
  • Map the process to Identify gaps and possible areas of development for products and solutions to deliver greater access to more people at lower eventual cost and better patient outcomes.
Delegate fee: £600 (inclusive of 3 nights accommodation and all meals).
The full programme will be circulated the week before the workshop.

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