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50 Forward: Medicine

Warwick is a leader in research and learning in health and medicine. We are committed to tackling the world’s major health challenges which is why we have chosen this as a priority for the 50 Forward campaign.

A generous donation by alumnus Julian Piercey (BA (Qualified Teacher Status) 1978-81) and his wife Kim enabled the University to purchase a piece of equipment necessary (pictured) for researching the role of trace metals in the brain in dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

These devastating diseases currently have no cure which is why this research is so vital. Julian and Kim’s support enables us to make significant progress and anyone donating to 50 Forward can be confident that they are having a similar impact.

Our commitment to health reaches across the globe and ranges from sharing our medical expertise through education programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, to creating low-cost medical equipment save lives. For example, each year many African women face childbirth without access to skilled health workers and appropriate medical equipment resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women and seven million babies. Many of these mothers and babies could be saved if there was better access to equipment and training for local health workers.

While running an education programme on childbirth for rural health workers in Tanzania and Malawi, we discovered that the standard ventouse (used in the safe delivery of babies in difficult childbirth), does not work well in that climate. A consortium of medical engineers at Warwick are leading on the development of a low-cost, reusable ventouse with a novel hand-held pump made of stainless steel instead of perishable materials that commonly fail in hot climates. Just £10,000 would enable us to build enough models to test in the field. Can you help?

Medical electives give students experience of medicine in a practical setting. These opportunities help students leave their lasting mark on society, now and in the future. This year 25 students received funding for electives – with your donation we can support even more. For more information about medicine and to find out how you can help, visit the website.


"Our commitment to health reaches across the globe"