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Become an alumni ambassador

Living a long way from Warwick doesn't mean that you have to lose touch with the University. There are Warwick graduates in almost every country and region around the world. This means that you are never too far from someone else who has benefited from the 'Warwick experience'.

We've found that when our alumni get together they still have a lot in common. They are usually keen to catch up with other Warwick graduates, to network and to stay in touch with developments at the University. The best way for them to do this is through our volunteer-led alumni ambassador programme.

This programme ensures that our alumni are never too far from a regional group, can make contact with other Warwick graduates in their area and are able to attend local reunions. Our volunteer alumni ambassadors are the people who drive this project. They plan and host events for fellow alumni settling in their area, serve as contact points for students interested in Warwick and assist Warwick faculty and students travelling or studying abroad. In the last few months, alumni ambassadors have organised events from California to Kolkata. These events have arranged from traditional restaurant trips and after work drinks to ski trips and geocaching adventures.

Currently we have alumni representatives in dozens of countries and regions from Argentina to Zimbabwe and we're always trying to add more. However, it's not just outside the UK that we have ambassadors; Tony O’Rourke (BA History 1966 – 69) has just helped to set up an alumni group in Scotland. Tony says

Helping to set up the University's Scottish alumni group has been a very rewarding experience for me. It’s given me the chance to renew my links with the University, make contact with other alumni in Scotland and to contribute towards something useful.

As a group we're still pretty new but it's great to see so many alumni coming together. We've managed to bring together graduates from the 60s to the 00s and from all educational backgrounds. Although some of us graduated many years ago, there is still a bond with the University and with the Warwick ‘family’ that is worth maintaining. I would encourage any alumni thinking about how they can strengthen their links with Warwick to consider volunteering.

We have volunteers in many countries but we're always looking for more. If you're interested in helping out in your area, you can find out whether there is an ambassador in your area and drop us a line if you'd like to get involved.

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