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Alumna named 'inspirational wonder woman'

Camila BWarwick alumna Camila Batmanghelidjh (BA Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts 1982-85 and honorary graduate) has been named as one of website MSN's '10 wonder women' who inspire them.

Camila is a psychotherapist and founder and director of Kids Company, a London-based charity that provides support for deprived and disturbed children.

According to MSN 'Everyone needs a role model. Someone brave to lead the way and make us want to, dare to, pursue our dreams. Or simply help feel good about ourselves just as we are.' In the company of Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and JK Rowling, the website said of Camila

'Anyone who wants to make difference only need look to Camila. Her Liberty and Justice Human Rights Award-winning charity, The Kids Company, has a profound impact on London's most traumatised children very single day.

One of many astounding statistics to have come from independent evaluations reveals a 96 per cent return rate to education and employment for kids who were otherwise disengaged.

To have someone say they don't need holidays or a relationship - that their work is all they desire - is refreshingly rare.'