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Come and support us at Varsity XXI

Varsity header
Varsity XXI is fast-approaching. If you live in the Coventry area why not come along and support the University's sports teams against their arch-rivals, Coventry University.

As the first event of the Varsity Series is about to ‘Face Off’ we appeal to you to come and support your university. For those of you who think Varsity is just a pub on campus think again, this is the biggest annual university sporting event of the year for our athletes. The mighty Warwick take on Coventry University in over 30 different matches.

We can boast the fact that we are undefeated on the pitch for the past 20 years, albeit by a cat’s whisker last year, but one thing that Coventry always beat us at is the support that they show their university teams. We're calling on alumni to help our university to be winners not only on the pitch but in drawing the largest crowds to each of the main venue events by coming to support and bringing your friends, colleagues, housemates, family, pet cats or guinea pigs and help us to thrash the ‘Poly’.

For more information, visit Do not delay, purchase your ticket today and be part of not only a winning team but a winning university.