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IBM CovJam - be part of a first for Cov!

Coventry City Council would like to invite any alumni living in the Coventry area to take part in a first for the city – the CovJam – which is taking place on 29, 30 June and 1 July.

Jams are on-line events (a bit like virtual conferences) used to enable broad collaboration, gain new perspectives on problems and challenges and discuss issues that people care about.

The concept has been developed by IBM who use it within their organisation and others around the world (including the White House). They're more than just an online discussion forum as they're facilitated by people who keep debate lively and courteous and include other features like quick polls and online appearances by VIP guests. At the end of the Jam IBM use the ideas and discussion generated over three days to produce a detailed report which highlights the key themes and issues that have emerged across the Jam.


Volunteers from IBM's partner organisations, and a collection of VIPs and subject specialists will be on hand to stimulate discussion around five different themes. Data mining tools will then be used to identify trends in the discussion.

The five themes for discussion are as follows:

  • The Rebirth of Coventry – thinking of ways to improve the urban landscape of Coventry
  • Sent to Coventry – discussing what Coventry wants to be renowned for
  • Aspiring Coventry – looking at how to raise the expectations of Coventry and its citizens
  • Community Cohesion – examining how people in Coventry can get on with each other
  • Citizens in the Driving Seat – discussing how Coventry residents can have control of the city

Once you register you will be able to log into the Jam site at any time over the three days and take part in the discussions, as well as seeing what other people are discussing online.

The City Council would love you to take part in the Jam at some point over the three days. You can register now.

If you'd like to know more about the CovJam, then contact any of the team: