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Frankfurt event review

picture-008-1269614124596-320x240.jpgOn Friday 19 March WBS alumnus Simon Champ (MMBA 2005-08) and DLMBA 3rd year student Jan-Olaf Barth co-hosted a dinner with DLMBA programme manager Sue Beech at a former tram garage which is now one of Frankfurt's newer popular restaurants.

The group included Chris Bierig and his Chinese wife Yuemeng, who actually met while they were studying at Warwick. Few of those attending knew more than one or two of the others when they arrived, but by the end of the evening and after swapping places between courses everyone had become acquainted with everyone else. There was much lively conversation and discovery of common interests and experiences.

Simon and Jan plan to formalise the group, which will be based in Frankfurt but is open to all alumni and students living in Germany.