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Make a global impact - Vision 2015

To mark the University’s 50th birthday in 2015, the Vision 2015 Strategy has set ambitious goals to take Warwick to the highest global echelons of universities. According to Chancellor Richard Lambert, ‘Our challenge is plain: how to focus activity and drive so as to attain greater international pre-eminence. It is clear that only universities with truly global reach will have the potential to make a proper impact on the pressing issues facing the world today.’

As part of this mission, the University launched its case for support in May 2009. This document outlines some of Warwick’s key activities which will maximise the visibility and impact of the University around the world, as well as increase its impact in the UK. Not surprisingly, Warwick’s future strategy is ambitious. It is also bold and distinctive, building on past successes and Warwick’s unique entrepreneurial spirit. The case for support sets out five main areas where the University believes alumni will want to get involved:

Global Scholarship

As a centre of world-class scholarship, Warwick needs to innovate in order to continue to attract the very best intellectual talent, wherever it may be found. This will allow us to create, complement and grow outstanding academic teams across the University. Such ambition will involve the recruitment of more world class academics to work in the best facilities and support the brightest students.

Global Health

Major deadly epidemics of obesity and diabetes are sweeping across the world today. For the first time in centuries life expectancy in developed nations is predicted to decline. Ten years on, Warwick Medical School (WMS) is already at the forefront of research into the causes, prevention and treatment of these life-limiting diseases. Much of medical research is funded by foundations, companies and private individuals – people wanting to make a difference to the lives of their friends and families. WMS is seeking to raise £20 million by 2015 to advance its ground-breaking research into some of the world’s most pressing health issues.

Global Enterprise

In our changing financial and economic climate, investment in leadership to shape global business policy and management practice is more important than ever. To continue working with business and governments around the world, Warwick Business School must be able to recruit top-class international academics, provide scholarships to support the finest students and to create new research centres such as the Enterprise Hub and the Centre for Sports Management, Education and Society.

Global Responsibility

A global institution has global responsibilities: Warwick is using its knowledge and expertise – its intellectual capital – to transform the lives of many people across the world. Patrick Dunne, Warwick alumnus and benefactor of the Warwick in Africa Teaching Programme has seen it at first hand. He says ‘Warwick’s ability to marshal talent and resources behind an idea has been outstanding. It’s inspiring to see so many young people benefit and see their skills and aspirations grow. It’s also the biggest bangs per buck of anything I do.’

Global Culture

Through its world-class Arts Centre, high quality sporting facilities and its respected Arts and Humanities Faculty, Warwick is committed to becoming a major international cultural centre that will enrich the lives of its students, its staff and its local community.

Key projects include encouraging people to exercise extra-curricular talents; develop discipline; fulfil their goals; and grow to become well-rounded successful individuals who, through winning (and losing) in the company of others, will mature into tomorrow’s leaders. They also include Shakespeare’s Live Archive – a digital archive of promptbooks, production photographs, costume and set designs and posters and Phase 2 of the redevelopment of the Arts Centre which will include a new landmark building to provide opportunities for thousands of students, amateur groups, and local school children to create, produce and present their own works.

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