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Graphic success for Warwick alum

Warwick alumnus Owen Jollands (MPhys 2000-04) has seen his career take some interesting turns since graduation. After leaving Warwick in 2004 he spent some time working in television before going on to work for a leading investment bank. However, he felt this wasn't right for him and started looking around for a new challenge. He soon came across The Masterclass which is run by comic book veteran Huw-J.

Since 2007 Owen has been learning how to become a graphic novel artist from Huw-J through the Masterclass and later as a graduate working on other projects. This has now culminated in the publication of his first graphic novel The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures - Head of the Hydra which is illustrated by JL Straw and coloured and lettered by Owen.

The book will come out in December 2010 and is a 100 page graphic novel following a young Sherlock in a re-imagined steam punk Victorian London. Featuring a cast of colourful characters and striking artwork, the book is suitable for all ages.

You can find out more information by following Owen and his colleagues on Twitter.

Young Sherlock cover