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Get networking...

In these difficult economic times, the quality of your extended network is vital. It can support you when you are looking for work, give you guidance when you are facing challenges and act as your sounding board when you are trying something new. With over 145,000 Warwick graduates around the world, wherever you work and whatever you do, University of Warwick alumni are probably the largest network you could ever call on.

This huge family of Warwick alumni means that there is probably someone working in every professional sector you could imagine. These are people with whom you can share knowledge, with whom you share a link and with whom you can consult and share your experiences. Whether you are a new graduate or a career veteran with something to offer, we want to mobilise this untapped resource.

We have set up over 20 online professional networks for alumni in all of the major employment sectors on the Linked In network and are looking for Warwick graduates who can help us. There are currently over 2,500 Warwick alumni registered in our main Linked In group and many more applying every day. Would you like to get in touch with fellow Warwick alumni going through the same things are you? Would you like to learn from them? Do you have something that you could share with other Warwick grads? The best way to use the collected knowledge and experiences of other Warwick alumni is to join one of these new professional networks. We will take our lead from you, our alumni, if you want us to create a network for your profession, whatever field you might be interested in, tell us and we will help. The networks will succeed or fail on the contribution we get from alumni.

You can find out more about the Warwick alumni network and its subgroups here.

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