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Nurturing the artists of tomorrow

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For our audiences, whether they are students, alumni or the local community, or the artists and performers we welcome, Warwick Arts Centre is committed to providing not only the highest quality programme but also the very best possible environment in which to enjoy it. However, there is more that we could do...

As part of this commitment to excellence, we would like to be able to inspire the musicians, dancers and actors of tomorrow. We recently demonstrated this commitment to the future by undertaking a major redevelopment of the Butterworth Hall and building a new space for artistic creation. We were delighted that so many of our friends helped us to make this happen.

With these amazing new facilities, we believe that Warwick Arts Centre is now ideally placed to help develop a new generation of artists and performers. We would like to think that, in the not too distant future, we could look back at some glittering careers and say “Warwick Arts Centre played a big part in their success”. So, we would like to ask for your support, this time to help us use our spaces, expertise and contacts to create opportunities for thousands of young people – from emerging artists in our region to our local school children and university students – to design, make and present new works of art.

To achieve this, we would like your help in raising £50,000 to establish the New Art // Young Artists Fund to make a real difference to the cultural lives of young people in the region. This fund will enable Warwick Arts Centre to expand the work that it already does in the following three areas:

  • Art for local children and young people
    Help us to extend our arts education programme, which in 2007/08 made more than 30,500 contacts with local school children and young people, to thousands more individuals through a range of innovative artist led projects such as Boys Dancing and Start with Art.
  • Commissioning new work from regional artists
    Enable us to encourage young emerging artists and production companies within our region to create new works – theatre, music, dance or film – that can be premiered at Warwick Arts Centre before touring to other venues across the nation.
  • Scholarships for talented student musicians
    Allow us to increase our provision of music scholarships for the many talented and dedicated students who make up the University’s orchestras, bands and choirs. We currently have 13 philanthropically funded music scholarships worth £450 each per annum – but we would like to offer more.

Please contact Robin Leonard to find out more on how you can make a difference.