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Creating opportunities for Warwick students

One World Week group
Warwick is well known for the huge range of activities available to students. From the Bollywood Film Society to Warwick Volunteers there's something for everyone. These activities are incredibly popular and make a real difference to the student experience at Warwick. Of course, many of these activities would not be possible without the support of alumni...

Recently 16 Opportunity Fund bursaries, totalling over £11,000, were awarded to a range of student activities including arts, music, sports and volunteering. This would not have been possible without the support of our alumni. A number of these bursaries were awarded to fund equipment for specific clubs and societies including Latin & Ballroom, Classical & Modern Dance, Cheerleading and Offbeat (Warwick’s indie/alternative music society).

In addition, a bursary was awarded to five members of Skydive Warwick to fund their entry into competitive skydiving on a national level. They will compete in 4-way formation skydiving in the UK Skydiving League and at the British Nationals in August. The Opportunity Fund also committed support to larger student projects such as the Warwick Students Arts Festival and One World Week, with funding provided for the World Music Concert.

It's not just Universtiy clubs and societies that benefit from your support. Warwick students have always been keen to make a difference to the wider world and several unique ventures have received funding. Funding has gone to projects as diverse as a health education volunteering project in Ghana led by a group of Warwick Medical School students and an e-mentoring scheme set up by the African & Caribbean Society to benefit secondary school children.

The University and students are extremely grateful for the support that alumni give to their activities. All of this year’s recipients will be providing reports on the impact of their bursary and the difference it made. We look forward to sharing the highlights of these reports with our donors later in the year.