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Seeking science graduates

The BBC has contacted us to say that they are making a four-part social history called The British at Work. They say “We are looking at the ways in which our relationship with work has changed since 1945 through the personal recollections of the people who lived through it."

We are seeking to trace students from the 1960s who took science courses. We want to hear from them about their recollections of undertaking a course at that time in a brand new university and in science subjects at a time when science and technology were viewed positively and optimistically. We want to learn from them what happened next, once they got jobs, if that optimism followed them into the workplace and helped shape their subsequent careers.

If you fit that description and are interested in taking part in this show please in the first instance contact Peter Dunn in the University’s Communications Office as soon as possible at p dot j dot dunn at warwick dot ac dot uk