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Get in shape in 2010

gym2.jpgJanuary is always a time of resolutions and good intentions. Throughout the month we are suggesting ways in which you can get in touch with old friends, shed those unwanted Christmas pounds, make a difference to the lives of others and start networking and making useful connections with the wider Warwick family.

We've already shown you how you can kick off the new year by getting in touch with old acquaintances, friends and former classmates. Now is the time to make the most of being a Warwick graduate and to tackle one of the world's most popular new year's resolutions.

Resolution #2: get in shape in 2010

Getting in shape in January is a favourite resolution for many people. After over-indulging in turkey and chocolates during the festive season, many people see the new year as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to lose weight and to start getting fit. This often means signing up with an expensive and unfamiliar gym.

Fortunately as a Warwick graduate you have an advantage. Apply for a free Warwick Graduates' Association swipe-card today and, amongst other exclusive benefits, you will be able to use the University's sports centre for a discounted rate.

The University of Warwick Sports Centre is one of the leading fitness centres in the region and boasts a range of facilities such as a 25 metre, six lane, indoor, heated swimming pool, a brand new tennis centre, a climbing wall, state of the art fitness suites and a range of exercise classes. Alumni can save money and take advantage of all these services when they register for their free WGA swipe-card.

After your workout you can relax and refuel at one of a number of restaurants and cafes dotted around the University. Alternatively, while you're on campus and recovering from your workout you can take advantage of some of the other benefits of having a WGA swipe-card. This card doesn't just give you discounted access to the sports facilities, it also enables you to use the University library, to benefit from discounted courses at the Language Centre and to create a WarwickForward e-mail account.

If you would like more information on the benefits of applying for a WGA swipe-card you can e-mail Warwick Graduate's Association. Alternatively, you can apply for your WGA swipe-card today.