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Warwick alumni dinners in Geneva and Zurich

Swiss alumni

For the fourth year in a row, Warwick Alumni Switzerland has organised dinners in Geneva and Zurich for students about to embark on their Warwick degrees and an opportunity for current students and alumni to catch up.

More than 30 guests arrived to Molino’s in Geneva on September 15th. Spread across two tables they enjoyed delicious Italian food and heard Warwick alumni share their experiences of being at Warwick. During the course of the evening, Mike MacDermott (BSc Physics 1972-75) talked about the white picket fences on campus which prevented students from being hit by falling roof tiles, Julia-Caroline Schmidt (BSc Economics, Politics & International Studies 2001-05) spoke about her time as an Erasmus student and Ellen Muthu (graduating class 2012) explained how campus had changed and all the exciting developments. It was an evening full of energy and we look forward to welcoming everyone again to our next event.

On Friday 16th September alumni came together at the Zeughauskeller in Zürich. Diners ranged from alumni of undergraduate courses to current postgraduate students and distance learners. The Zeughauskeller reserved a large corner of the landmark Zurich restaurant for the gathering and as soon as several of the 20 strong group arrived, conversation started flowing. Topics ranged from endearing memories of good times at Warwick, to what happened afterwards, how people ended up in Switzerland and, of course, any tips and recommendations for the lucky students heading to Warwick for another year.

As the evening drew to a close people headed off either onwards into town or off home but one thing was clear – everyone had enjoyed themselves, had had a good chance to recall fond memories for those alumni that were there, and, hopefully, provided some confidence and useful information for those about to embark on the Warwick experience.

You can find out more about alumni activities in Switzerland by contacting Ingrid Helsingen Warner, your alumni ambassador.